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Earn Money From Home with The Patriot Economy

Dustin Nemos
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Published on 06 Apr 2020 / In How-to and Style

Home Based Business Opportunity for Patriots, Methods that have worked for me - and how it might be able to help you earn extra cash during this hard time - from home!

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

My Life is A Miracle

Too think I would ever allow another Flesh and Blood and Bones persons to tell me what I can do, where I can go, and how I am to think is the most insane thought any person can do!!! You must know that they came to this world just as you did in DIVINE CONCEPTION, so whom are these people in our Police Uniforms, our Military Uniforms, Our National Guards Uniforms for they live off the TAXES we pay them to Serve our Communities, and now because ONE PERSON Says: I am the PRESIDENT OF YOUR NATION.?.?.?.?.? You’m do know The Word “President” means Dictator, and These DICK-TATOR-TOTS are now saying: I do not need your TAXES, or Church Donations “anymore” to FORCE YOU to Shelter In “Space” as we come DOOR to DOOR with Weapons Drawn by these people we call Our Governmental Case EMPLOYEES.?.?.? For me, it does not matter “what nation” you live in, the PEOPLE you thought were The Rich and The Famous have always been “Tricking” and Treating you into giving THEM your Charity be it Trump the Chump to Pence on The Fence for they “live off” the WELFARE of your Contributions to the [U.S. FLAG] IRS as a DONATION for their Ability to use YOUR MONEY to buy and pay MERCENARIES known as “FREE MASON” to take over the U.S. GOVERNMENT!!!

Now that you know FREE MASON are these “U.N. Troops” in your Court Houses, Your City Halls, and your Police Departments, are you going to let “these people” PULL YOU OVER and Point Guns at your Bodies when they are Traitors to your Countries CONSTITUTIONS and FLAGS.?.?.? It has been “well documented” and PROVEN in our WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Courts, and RULE OF LAW that all FREE MASON are doing SEDITION from “China in Whuhan” where they used this 5G Eugenics EXPERIMENT Weapon to kill millions “of unknowing” Chinese NONMASON, and then the Tyrant of New York Mr. GOVENOR “Quomo” used 5G on the CITIZENS of New York, and Killed and “Murdered” Millions More as the NATIONAL GUARD of this Back Wards U.S. ACT OF 1871 District of COLUMBIA “hunt down” the rest of the New Yonkers whom did not fall ill and “failed to Die” a Quick DEATH when the 5G EXPERIMENT of Eugenics did not give “Those People” COVID 19.?.?.?.?.?

Now as you [SELF ISOLATE] and {STAY HOME} as if you and we “These CITIZENS” of our Nations have no more say in The DESTINY of our Countries known as These 50 States FOR America, the U.S. FLAG says: Shoot to kill any “U.S. Citizen” in any land, body, or organization that leaves “their houses” to go see the TECHNICIANS are adding more “5G Weaponry” to our Small Rural Towns to even our Mega Metropolises such as ATLANTA to Los Angeles to Las VEGAS to Miami.?.?.?.?, and what the hell is going on that OUR LOCAL “COMMUNITY” POLICE DEPARTMENTS whom would turn OUR Local Police Department “Armories” on we their Fellow Citizens “only because” we Citizens of Our Communities DO NOT BELONG to them FREE MASON Lodges in our locations.?.?.?.?.? I have “no reason” to stay home cause the U.S. GOVERNMENT Took my Jobs by FORCING [ALL CORPORATIONS] to Lock Down, and now they are “killing our Farmers” and their Fields.?.?.?.?.?

You my friend might have “no clue” what the word FREE MASON Lodge Member means.?.?.?, but we of the 5th Column, The RED Hand, KILROY, and THE SOCIETY OF NONMASON know these people are “all participating” in HIGH TREASON and SEDITION for the W.H.O. United Nations INTERNATIONAL MAFIA of FREE MASON “Lodge Members” as NATO Takes out the E.U. The Canadian Military takes out Canada... The Australian Military takes out Australia..., and so on and so forth from Saudi Arabia to “India” and Pakistan…….., and they are not our FELLOW CITIZENS, they are all “U.N. Troops” wearing our “local police uniforms” to do DEPOPULATION for JADE HELM 15 Continuing Operations, and when “The Great Disclosure” Happens……..., it will be PROJECT BLUE BEAM with “Holographic Projections” in the minds of HOLLOW PEOPLE whom fell for every lie of Hollywood and Bollywood from the “Faked” Moon Landings, to their Fake Fucking Lives…

Johnny Exodice


These People all believe in FAKE SPACE and an “Alien Rescue” from our Celestial Sphere FLAT EARTH Purgatory Home World known as Mother Heaven and Father Earth, and they are all {FREE MASON} / * \ Lodge Members that go by the “Titles” of Demolay – Jobs Daughters – Rainbow Girls – Eastern Star – Shriners – York Rite – Scottish Rite, and [many other] +=+ DENOMINATIONS, but they run your Schools, Your Prisons, Your Police, Your Military, Your Religions, Your Banks, Your Corporations, and YOUR GOVERNMENTS, and as you “STAY HOME” they building up the 5G EUGENICS Death Array in your locations as you are SEE NOTHING of what “is going on” where you live.?.?.?.?, so, get out.!.!.!, and shoot these “Pantechnicons” of FREE MASON DEAD…...…


You wanna “know why” they want YOU my nonmason “People and Populations” too STAY HOME??? Cause if we all go out side “and see” there is NO DEATH….., and “The hospitals” are all EMPTY?? THE FREE MASON will have “Catastrophic Failure” in their WORLD DOMINATION [TAKE OVER] +=+ PLOT!!!!!


THESE PEOPLE ARE ALL FREE MASON filled with EVIL SPIRITS and “Crazed” Insane Lunatics!!! Kill them before they use your own {Police and Military} to kill you no matter your FLAT EARTH Location under “The Firmament” of Our DOME OF THE ROCK!!!

The Commander~


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