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Dr Vernon Coleman - The Madness is Everywhere

Published on 24 Jun 2020 / In News and Politics

"THE BBC HAS ALWAYS BEEN A PROPAGANDA MACHINE but I'm surprised at how cheaply the rest have been bought . . . The reporting of this massive takeover of the world, has been a disgrace. The mass media simply does its best to ramp up the fear and drive the yearning for a jab as the only way out of the chaos . . . And I find it sad that younger doctors who are involved in the media, seem to have decided that the easy way to be successful is to support the establishment, and tow the official line. What surprises me most, and saddens me enormously, is the way members of the medical and nursing professions have accepted this takeover of our lives."

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no0negun 3 months ago

Form the U.K. to the USA, you’re spot on.

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