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Dr. Temperance Brennan for President, the PROS and CONS

Peace Terrorist
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Published on 28 May 2020 / In Entertainment

Any body would be a better president than the 2 clowns making a run in 2020, What about Jesse Ventura on a third party ticket.
Overall I believe the elections will not be held on Nov 4th

Could you see Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel) as your next president? Season 8 episode 4, of Bones explores just that. In “The Tiger in the Tale,” the Jeffersonian team explores the topic of animal cruelty and Brennan mulls to running for president.
As Booth (David Boreanaz) points out however, the task may not be as easy as she would like with her father, her past peyote use, and her time on the run. A TV Line video has the executive producers and co-creators Stephen Nathan and Hart Hanson considering what President Brennan would do, and is interspersed with scenes from tonight’s episode. The executive producers jokingly consider what would happen if they themselves were a running team. The pair also worked on Joan of Arcadia together and have certainly worked well together creating a hit show with Bones.
It looks like viewers will see some Booth and Brennan action this episode, with Booth fully supporting her and romantic moments abound.
Although Brennan has become more approachable over these past seven seasons, do you really think she could fully empathize with the public? Would you want Booth or Brennan as president? Are you excited for tonight’s episode? What’s your favorite election themed episode on television?

Ventura/Gabbard Third Party Ticket Candidates. It's YOUR OATH, to Protect US From Domestic Enemies

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‘Bones’: Brennan as President?

EUROPA THE LAST BATTLE - ALL 10 PARTS - Complete and Final Version (2019)

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 4 months ago

You know.?.?.?.?, since all 192 U.N. FLAGS are committing TREASON – SEDITION – TREACHERY, you as a CITIZENS of your NATIONS FLAGS are legally duty bound to kill them all for Betrayal to their OATH OF OFFICE to your nations Legal Document known as your STATES CONSTITUTIONS!!!!

That said, if you are non Violent, you can “still take them” all INDIVIDUALLY to the Courts, and arrest all FREE MASON “Judges” and Lawyers, and Mayors to whomever……., and REPLACE these (COVID19) freemason New World Order [and their] /_\ WORLD DOMINATION PLOT with nonmason LEGAL Citizens “of your” Countries Flags!!!!!

The Society of nonmason~


You can fool some of The People, some of the Time, but YOU can not FOOL “all of” WE THE PEOPLE for the end of time when {we got ways} / * \ to TAKE YOU FREE MASON lodge members OUT for Sedition – high Treason, and Traitors “to our” STATES Boarders, Flags, and National Countries CONSTITUTIONS!!!!

The Commander~

The President “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition does so make this PROCLAMATION and Declaration for “we the people” whom are all nonmasons (CITIZENS) of Our Countries FLAGS….

Time to “shoot to kill” +=+ anyone whom tries to molest you or “your children” with THREAT of Arrest when the C.O.P.S. work [for you] [{**}] as YOUR EMPLOYED, not the “other way” around my NONMASON Tax Paying CITIZENS [{*}] and Common Wealth “to you people” of your REPUBLICS!!!

The Green hat`


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Peace Terrorist
Peace Terrorist 4 months ago

Lets do it, through the fiscal revolution, hit them fiscally

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