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Dr. Richard Bartlett proves a simple effective treatment for Covid

Linda Kirby
Linda Kirby - 4,456 Views
Published on 07 Jul 2020 / In News and Politics


All news links on my UGEtube video. YT gave me a strike for not using their approved news media.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 3 months ago

Teacher…, what will we NEW SOULS aka THE NEW WINE SKINS do without you’ once you are DEAD DEAD DEAD!!! Oh calm down my young person for you do have all them books to read, and study, and SHARE OUT LOUD in your houses, homes, and Abodes, and is not this “THE WAY” Christ Jesus would return among WE THE PEOPLE to leave [my essence] #QANON /_\ among you once my Flesh, and Blood, and Bones, TEMPORARY Temple, Body, AVATAR does go ashes to ashes and dust to dust??? And as WE THE PEOPLE Establish our New Religion of Pak-Toe, then there will be no need for the OLD WAYS of “The Racka” / * \ these Old Wine Skins whom only know how to follow the COMMANDS of Evil Spirits in their minds where they put up FLAGS and say: Die for this PIECE of Cloth People!!! Why should WE THE PEOPLE {kill one another} [{**}] when the ONLY ONES causing us Misery are these “U.N. FLAGS” of the WORLD planning out WAR IS MURDER every 15 months as them 5 Pentagram /-\ Nations (take turns) +=+ as CORPORATE FLAGS too tell the remainder of U.N. FLAGS and U.N. Corporations to bow down to MADE IN CHINA, The U.S. Peacekeeper Military, The U.K. Banksters, The French “with their” POPE ON DOPE Catholics and Free Mason at our every turn, and then to Top it all Off` RUSSIA is faking SPACE Missions on the PROJECT BLUE BEAM [TV SCREENS] [{*}] using their Holographic “3D GCI” too Say we now LIVE ON MARS, and the MOON BASE got blown up in SPACE 1999??? Ironic is it not` that The Source of All Creation and All Destruction saved the LAST known “Human Soul” to place into my Corporeal Carnal ESOTERIC Vessel BODY!!!! That someone had to be me at THE END OF AN AGE to try and prevent THE END OF TIME from happening in the YEAR of our Lord Christ Jesus in the Year 2094 A.D. ??? You can think what you want too be certain……., but none of you can deny [we are] THE WALKING DEAD lost in the ways of (COVID19) Madness, and Sorcery, and INCANTATIONS called Let Us ENTERTAIN YOU with “Enchantments” as these FREE MASON Lodges, EAGLE BLOOD LINES, and the ROMAN CATHOLIC Churches SNAKE BLOOD LINES have all CHARMED “we the people” with THE CRAFT known as TV Host of Host as These Talking HEADS Cast Spells of Submission, Obedience, and CONFORMITY “onto the minds” of the many NO MATTER {What Flag Flies} in your LAND cause all FLAGS are U.N. FLAGS……, and this is why all MILITARY SHIPS have that same God Dammed GREY PAINT with no IDENTIFICATION Painted onto their BOW!!! If you do not want to keep REPEATING you life every freaking TIME you go to SLEEP and WAKE UP to this Waking Walking DREAM WORLD where WAR IS MURDER, and MURDER is against The RULE OF LAW, and that makes (WAR ILLEGAL) under all Rules and Laws….., but them whom belong to the UNITED NATIONS INTERNATIONAL MAFIA {OF CORPORATIONS} Whom sell and make all these WEAPONS – WEAPONS - WEAPONS that kill and murder WE THE PEOPLE “whom pay” all the TAXES…., so these people, and those people can live as GODS and Kings and Queens of this Zionist Jesuit FREE MASON {NEWS} World Order… The Book of EXODICE!!!


That you would TRUST this U.N. FLAG [MEMBER] Q to do anything for all The MURDERED “White People” of BLACK HAIR and BROWN EYES in Hong Kong called ASIANS when China is also another fucking U.N. FLAG!!! THEY LIVE the CITIZENS Public Servants “are playing” with WE ARE the CITIZENS……., and these people live off our FUCKING Taxes……, and Church Donations too pull off A CORPORATION WORLD DOMINATION PLOT known as JADE HELM 15 (COVDI19) PROJECT BLUE BEAM!!!!

The Sentinel….


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