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Dr. Kirk Elliott & Dustin Nemos discuss the Dark Clouds in the Economy (And Silver Linings)

Dustin Nemos
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Published on 08 Oct 2020 / In Film and Animation

Dr. Kirk Elliott & Dustin Nemos sit down to discuss the current economic news and the Dark Clouds in the Economy (And Silver Linings).

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 12 days ago

Whatever YOU Hold onto, OWNS You…

AS we live our lives’ down here in Purgatory awaiting Judgment Day by The Source of All Creation and All Destruction, we must “know” everything in this SIMULATION Life of a People gone mad, and A Humanity lost in the Grips of “Insanity” became so dysfunctional, that The People would rather Create Weapons to be used on One Another too Kill, and Torture, and Harm, and Rape one Another, and that is why anyone whom does WAR IS MURDER has already “forsaken” the Love of their Creator, and their Salvation, and Their Redemption for Christ Jesus the only “Human” too know God, become God, and love mankind as A Person among “his people” whom not only laid down his life for his friends, but this Son of Man and Wombman: Laid down his Life for “his Enemies” in the Hopes they could find Reconsideration, Reconciliation, and Regrets for the things “they” our World Leaders had done to others in Their Life Walks…

Now, I know many of you FREE MASON Lodge “Members” have repented, for I would not still be alive in this very Dark Hour of 2020 C.E., as we see the Nuclear Hydrogen Weapons are not about Stability, nor Keeping the Peace, but that ATOM Bombs “only” create and cause Holocaust of we the people, and in these last Three WORLD WARS heading into WORLD WAR FOUR, I do you hope you have the Fortitude as A Learned Person of the Light and “Illumination” that Lucifer, and Satan, and The Devil as shown, and preached in the Abrahamic Religions was more “Allegory” than Truth’ about these things attacking, and harming we the people, and that the TRUE “Purpose” of Angels and Demons from the Book of Enoch, Ezra, and “the ones” that helped build Solomon's Temple was too say: We Built this Idea of Ink on Paper, and if you will bow down, grovel, and WORSHIP, and BEG, then The God of this or that “Religion” will save you, but you must PAY Money, and Material Things too receive Forgiveness of your Sins from these Gods???

This Written Work is more for them that still [do not know] @QBALL /_\ We Are all in Purgatory, and they have not read The Book of EXODICE, and in that, we the people whom “do see” this place is madness, and cruelty, and hardship, and no matter how much you pay any ESTABLISHED RELIGION be it the O.T.O. Kabbalah Zohar Zionist Jesuit FREE MASON Faiths: you still grow old and die, and you still get judged by OUR Creator’ for you put Things, and Stuff, and A fucking MONETARY System over the Value of Humanity… You my person reading this are Flesh, and Blood, and Bones, but Your Soul, Your Spirits, Your Symbiots, and Your SOLIDS if you have “eyes” that go SOLID Black are the parts of you to go to Judgment; as well as, Your Person, and it don’t matter how many PERSONALITIES you can fake like a “Political” Hollywood Actor and Actress, the Source of All Creation, and All Destruction that judges we all “whence we die” knows Our Every Private, and Public Pretense “Thoughts” where you did not keep your OATH OF OFFICE to your own Personal Human Constitution, nor Values of Virtues, Ethics, Morality, and True “Charity” to your Fellow Man….

Too think you would kill your “fellow man” knowing WE ARE male and female, so you could say with Great Pride: I am a WAR HERO, and I kill “Humans” for money, and medals, and fun, and I Dropped Bombs on “them” when all we the people come from the Source, and I don’t care what you name The Source be it God, Satan, or the Grand Marketer, You did “HARM” to We The People, not the God, or Gods you “proclaim” too believe in!!! We the People know this place is “Purgatory” and that it will all end in 2094 C.E., and Woe Unto YOU` for you TV Talking Heads of the {NEWS} World Empire whom wilt not “spake” the truth on these matters: of MUD FLOODS, FLAT EARTH, or the many crimes against “humanity” done by this U.N. FLAG as it controls all “U.N. FLAGS” Military, Religions, Governments, Banks, and Schools of Thoughts called: Think Tanks….

Johnny Exodice

It matters not to me as Christ Jesus Returned what Religion, or INDOCTRINATION you found A Creed too say: It is O.K. to kill Humans……., for YOU the Person are still “known” to Our Human God The Source of All Creation, and The Source All Destruction; as well as, your inner “thoughts” are KNOWN To you, and in your “Vanity” too make Weapons upon Weapons…..., and then YOU The Personal put all these Military Weapons on full scale A.I. Automation.?.?.?, it is no wonder the People of Earth were all “wiped out” by the Creations of their [Own Hands] Q’ for you can not Kill Our God, you only ended your exorbitance life styles, and EXISTENCE as your MASTER “MASONS” placed Money, and Power, and Fame over the LOVE of our Fellow Human Beings…

The Sentinel…

The God of We The People ask: How many times have you had De-Ja-Vu.?.?.? How many times have WE THE PEOPLE redone PURGATORY for “Our God” too Redeem You.?.?.? Did you not know that the Phoenix, and the Oraborus Curse only happened “here” in this Planet Earth aka This Celestial Sphere called and named Purgatory by OUR God.?.?.?, and did you not “know” that if you cannot be Redeemed’ that PURGATORY is a Temporary Place for a reason.?.?.?

You can not escape “Judgment” you Incubus and Succubus EVIL SPIRITS in the minds of men be they male and female….., for you said to me back in the day: Jesus!!!! Our Time has not yet come!!!

However, now that I Christ Jesus am returned` in this Humans Host Body, I shall judge you EVIL SPIRITS for every hair you have “harmed” in this World of The Dammed, The Cursed, and The Forsaken, and I shall have no more “mercy” on you War Heroes then the mercy you showed them “Humans” you have murdered in every war….

The Oracle for the End of an Age connected to The Source of All Creation, and All Destruction has so spoken….

The Society of nonmason aka WE ARE!!!


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