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Published on 17 Sep 2020 / In News and Politics

London Real : Guest on the Plandemic: Indoctornation documentary
Until recently best known as the founder of M·CAM®, the international leader in innovation finance, trade, and intangible asset finance, David E. Martin is a modern day renaissance man, whose roles have included Professor, Lecturer, Chairman and CEO.

From the halls of parliament to HBO comedy and documentary films such as the internationally acclaimed and multi-awarded Patent Wars and Future Dreaming, Dr. Martin takes on some of the world’s most complex economic and social themes using solutions that he’s successfully deployed in his work with over 160 countries.

He recently appeared in Mikki Willis’ documentary, Plandemic: Indoctornation where he revealed the truth behind the vaccine agenda and how following the money had led him to a number of conclusions about what is really going on during the Coronavirus crisis.

With Plandemic: Indoctornation being viewed over 5.7 million times on the Digital Freedom Platform alone, David has become an important voice as part of informed discourse around Coronavirus and our response as a society, with his recent research continuing to focus on vaccines, patents and the role of companies such as Moderna.

David’s other work includes financial engineering and investment, public speaking and writing, he has also served as an advisor to numerous Central Banks, global economic forums, the World Bank and International Finance Corporation and national governments around the world.

He has been instrumental in rebuilding lives and livelihoods in post-conflict, post-colonial, and environmentally devastated regions of the world. He is the architect for the world’s first public equity quantitative market index based on human innovation.

Dr. Martin has publications in law, medicine, engineering, finance, and education. He maintains active research in the fields of linguistic genomics, fractal financial-risk modelling, and cellular membrane ionic signaling. In a televised speech in 2006, David correctly forecast the U.S. housing financial crisis and identified it as a catalyst for the 2008 Global Financial Crisis.

His investment funds, banking businesses and global trade network return extraordinary results by measuring all the field effects of every endeavour. He is also the author of the novel Coup D’Twelve: The Enterprise that Bought the Presidency – now optioned for theatrical release.

Described as a futurist, fulcrum ninja, economist and global business executive, David disarms the most ardent pessimists, showing that with a flexible perspective, we can tackle any perceived problem and achieve extraordinary outcomes.

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BrettG2.0 1 month ago

They just love to fear monger and use hot button shit to divide and conquer, when they
illegally steal our personal data it is easy for them to turn us against one
another with lies , you name it, they've done it, from George Sorros funding
BLM, to fearing people into thinking they will die if everyone isn't wearing a
mask. The billionaires playing God like Bill Gates wanting to depopulate the
world and Elan Musk wanting to interface A.I. and humans via bio-engineering,
Another God complex and so on. It is not about money to them they have more
money than they could spend in 20 life times. It is about power and egotistical
control freaks who believe they were put here to be Gods., The elephant is one
no one talks about and that is Google and the multinational corporations that
own and operate google and it's who knows how many subsidiaries.So when I say
This POLITICAL virus is probably one of Googles algorithms, As devious as
Google is and as much money as google has, it is a possibility. But no one has
ever exposed Googles multinational Corporations "ALPHABET" due to
being stifled and that is being polite and as long as he's not controlled by
the multinational corporations " A.K.A. Alphabet" that owns Google
because he will just become another algorithm of the behemoths what to think,
feel and act campaign. We’re probably just a bunch of ignorant lab rats. All
the future Wars, USPS, Police to Grocery Delivery Services will be done by A.I.
People have no clue how far along A.I. has progressed, for instance, Having a
quantum computer that can function the same and as fast as the human brain. It
was estimated 20 years in the future for this technology to come to fruition.
It has already completed and learn in one hour what it takes man ti learn in 30
years and growing daily. So when I stated this virus is probably a algorithm of
googles I was not joking. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Technology is
advancing so fast it will destroy us all. Google is 94% of the internet. they
pretty much control the world. Now people

can’t pay their rent, land lords can’t pay the banks, the Fed is
buying up all the mortgages and land so they can drop the bomb that the dollar
has crashed and their switching to a digital currency called the Amerio.
We all have to be chipped, bagged
n tagged. Your not be able to buy or sell unless u play by the Rockefeller's
has always been the agenda of the Rockefeller's.

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