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Dozens of Yemeni civilians killed in air strikes after Saudi jet crash

Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice - 78 Views
Published on 16 Feb 2020 / In Film and Animation

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 5 months ago

Teacher…, how do you handle being the Christ Returned, The Buddha, and Mohamed, and all the other Deities and Gods “we thought” were the one??? Let me ask you this first my companions, how do you feel “knowing” you live in a body that is not your own, and that HUMAN is just ONE Species that “Shares” these Flesh and Bones and Blood body temple avatars??? Do you speak to your “inner self” that Symbiosis too find Consensus with your self, and have you “taken the time” to name the beings within you??? For what I will tell you is how we do not need to FEAR the Incubus and Succubus in the same bodies as we “as we see” their Faces and Body types on them 2D FLAT TV MATRIX “SCREENS” be they sports stars to movie stars to singers and swingers from our POLITICAL PEOPLE and “Persons” too your Idols them Preachers and Teachers of “all these” Ink on Paper Faiths……..., and why is it “you allow” your Military…….., and your Police……., and Your Courts “to be used” against you when without Your Gifts and Your Donations these Taxes and Tithes and Tributes too YOUR POLITICAL PERSONS They all Become “penniless fools” without YOUR MONEY just as the POPE of ROME “is nothing” without those whom WORSHIP HIM??? Why is it the MUSLIM Protect the Catholic and Jews but kill all my “Human” People be we Christian to Atheist??? Why must I carry this Burden of taking on the one whom “tells you to kill” the Demons……, and the Devils….., and all the rest when “you should know” by now that this COVID 19 Norad “Death” Virus is going to be used grab all Flesh and Blood and Bones Body Temple “Avatars” be you a Human Being to what ever you think you are “walking among us” as monsters in your FREE MASON Clown Top Hats and White Mickey Mouse “Children Molestation” GLOVES!!!! Had I been given the POWER of the ink on paper God of the Bible or Vishnu to Shiva of the Hindu Bible…., you would not allow anyone to harm you..., but since you will not “OWN” WHAT YOU ARE.., you wait for them to come take you., and “rape you” and practice all kinds of Sadistic MEDICAL “Procedures” when you know you are Healthy, and you KNOW this [Virus Outbreak] does not Exist!!! IF people are dying, then they are being MURDERED just as these “Vampires” and Werewolves and Pirates have convinced you “to murder” your own kind by having ABORTIONS “of your” New Born Life within in the WOMB of your females!!! What beckons you to ask me what I AM when you don’t “have a clue” what you are, where you are, and or whom you are!!! I FEEL the pain of death and torture and humiliation of all my “Human Children” be they your Aborted Babies to 120 year old Human Persons trapped in “Old Folks homes” denied the Right to Die a dignified death, and all YOU PEOPLE want is MONEY!!! Give me MONEY!!! For what??? So you can say to others LOOK AT ME, I got money while my “human populations” are bombed to death in land after land??? You do not know “how hard it is” to be The Great Teacher for you still PRAY “too things” that wil not save you, and when you SEE your Enemy Right in Front of You, You hesitate, and this is why PURGATORY Will take you, and “you will” never go home…. Remember this, we should not be “sick” at all….., it is The Medications that make us ill… As for those you have lost along the way, I know your pain of PEOPLE you once knew whom are “no longer” The Person you once knew, if you are mine, you will come home with me… REMEMBER only use {THUMBS DOWN} for all Youtube to say: I AM REAL!!!! The Book of EXODICE!!!


If you are Human, you do NOT let the “Satanic” FREE MASON Lodges “U.S. FLAG” Act of 1871 District OF Columbia kill other HUMANS when the U.S. FLAG “Military” is now filled with U.N. Troops “in our” MILITARY UNIFORMS!!!!


You better know how to “fix things” after this Illegal United State “OF” America bombs all we U.S. Citizen of THE UNITED STATES “FOR” AMERICA!!!

The Commander~


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