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Donald Trump is not your enemy. He wasn't supposed to win.

bodhi_mantra - 462 Views
Published on 04 Jun 2020 / In Film and Animation

We are Americans first.

Man these past few months opened my eyes. I was fully against Trump until this pandemic because I followed the same fake news everyone else was following.

Keep in mind, Your local Governors and Mayors affect your daily life far more than Trump does. This is why voting is so important.

Prepare for a bloody summer.


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Freedom.1.2 3
Freedom.1.2 3 2 months ago

I am hated among fellow blacks too for trying to explain this

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bodhi_mantra 2 months ago

The world is full of fools sadly, we do what we can but sadly the masses mostly just listen to the people with the biggest megaphone and those people want people like us broke, beaten and dead if they can unfortunately. Find like minded people so you can have some peace, don't let the fools gang up and psychologically assault you with their stupidity. God Bless

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Sherbet Dab
Sherbet Dab 2 months ago

Good man.

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