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Donald Trump is a Pedophile - The Facts_1280x720_MOV.mov

math powerland
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Published on 02 Jul 2020 / In News and Politics

A conspiracy is when more than one person is connected to commit or commit a crime. Obviously the best way co-conspirators can conceal their conspiracy is to play enemies on the public stage. You have a major problem with draining the swamp. It was a last minute switcheroo to the world waking up to a the globe cult's final conclusion godless communist tyrannical medical pedotopia by technocratic satanists.

Please get LBRY search engine gather and edit . Why the hell, would Donald Trump pay out millions in court settlements to children? Ask yourself this fast. You have weeks. Military will divide into two . Remember TAPS ? From The Sargent down is your military force. Round up the generals and police act the republic now.

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