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Don Lemon Claims That Jesus Was Not Perfect To Justify His Sin

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Published on 11 Jul 2020 / In News and Politics

Apologist Justin Derby responds to CNN Anchor Don Lemon's recent claim that Jesus was obviously not perfect when he was on the earth in the first century, implying that Jesus committed some kind of sin(s) back then. Apparently insulting all Christians is path to victory for the 2020 election.

Don Lemon Wrongly Claims: Jesus ‘Admittedly Was Not Perfect When He Was Here’:

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 month ago

And The Great Teacher Spoke…, As the Rich get Richer off this (COVID19) World Domination Plot of all them U.N. FLAGS this International Mafia of PEACEKEEPER CORPORATIONS of G4S Corporate FREE MASON C.O.P.S. as we the nonmason of the World, and Our Rag Tag Rebellion “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION coalition study in our FLAT EARTH Magical Academies about THE GREAT NUCLEAR HYDROGEN WAR of 1853 to 1854 that was Wrote out of the [Collective Memory] #QANON /_\ of all them INCUBATOR Babies in 1893 A.D. to the 1970’s A.D., when Cyber Punk had yet to become A DREAM in this DREAM We all Keep Waking Up Too, and STEAM PUNK was all we had too say: There WAS A WORLD before the FALL OF MANKIND being we the males….., and females that come from the Womb of our “Wombmen” as little boys……, and little girls caught in the NET of this WORLD WIDE Spiders Web of the {NEWS} World Order……., I came across an old Record that you {would do well} +=+ too listen to the Words, and Notes, and the VIBE of this presentation in our ALL THE WORLD IS A GAME, not a Stage for the TV Heads are all “malfunctioning” and THEY LIVE can no longer be as WE ARE… In this, I will give you a link to The Memory that once was you, and you YOUNG PEOPLE do so play the LP Album for your Elders “be they” your Moms and Dads, your Grand Parents, to all you ORPHANS raised by Guardians for this Enclosed Cosmological (Celestial Sphere) [{**}] HOME WORLD of Purgatory is going to end in 2094 C.E. for those whom do WAR IS MURDER when Murder is against THE RULE OF LAW…., and in that..., it does too so make ALL WARS ILLEGAL even in CORPORATION WARS of World Domination where Barbarians and FLAKES with their Hollywood Hollow FACES of Make Up and COSMETICS Prance on their Model Mayhem Stages “trying to impress” STRANGERS that they are special when even these SLAVE EMPLOYEES of the TV Screens do not see that TOO LIE leads to Misery…….., that leads to INFATUATION with pieces of Metals………, and Stones called Gold., Silver, Diamonds, Rubies, and Sapphires as LIFE will not GO ON “forever” here in This SIMULATION known as The Great Work of PURGATORY… The Book of EXODICE…


To restore our world to the GOLDEN AGE is to just STOP, and no longer HATE for Hate is the Food of these EVIL SPIRITS in our fellow beings, and in TRAGIC Ending, I will not help you HATE for Hate is destitution no matter how much DEPLORABLE pieces of Ink on Green Satans Paper you do so hold in your grubby greediness INHUMANE LOST “Q SOULS” Machine Minds… The Oracle for the End of an Age….., and this TIME LINE connected to The Source of All Creation and All Destruction has so spoken….

{Oma-Kaana-Sheena} means I LOVE YOU FOREVER…

The Sentinel…


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