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Doctors challenge report claiming billions will get coronavirus

Kalandar mast
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Published on 09 Feb 2020 / In Film and Animation

Doctors challenge report claiming billions will get coronavirus

Posted:rt amreca, 8feb2020

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 5 months ago


What ever you do to the Least of these……..., you have done too me…. When we say: Jae-Kah-Na it means I LOVE YOU in Holy “Water” Spirit Talk… I might be the Drunken Rebel…….., I might be the Bare Foot Bandit……., but If I have not Charity…..., I AM NOTHING!!! You see….., as the Christ Returned I fulfill the Koran…., the Talmud..., the Bible.., and even the FREE MASON Hindu Text., and in that if you learn “too see” and too hear, I will tell you whom you are, and where you are, and what you are…. For só long you have “lived” in the PAIN of memories that are not yours, but the Sadness of “The Abuser” whom Beat you thinking they could HARM your Person to Absolve “whom” they are!!! Yet, as The Teacher, and The Commander, and the ORACLE connected to the Source of All Creation and All Destruction, I say: You have “A right” to exist, and I am going to lead you into the New Heaven and the “New Earth” of that place we all know as the word HOME….

For só long, só many “of you” have lived the LIES and Deceptions and Illusions of the Delusion of BOOK Writers whom “did not know” whom they were, what they were, or where they were!!!! For these FREE MASON Lodges with all their “Dictations” and Computer Back ups on where we live and “what we do” have only been Zombies of MACHINE PEOPLE with their “Machine Minds” of Madness, Lunacy, and thinking you can make “ORDER” out of Chaos when CHAOS holds back all the VOID we do not wish to enter!!! A place “of no light” and no darkness….., just the emptiness of nothing, and who wants that??? I say, let the plants bloom in Random, and allow the Robotic A.I. Ants to tunnel deep “into” the grounds só the DUNE of the Worms “can burrow” and feed all life!!!! I do not want WORMS in my Ravioli…..., I want the Worms in the Earth, and the Dirt, and the Hearth of this LIVING “BREATHING” SIMULATION called “Purgatory” that we all live in…

You see…., The Number 9 of the 3 and 6 in “Gemantria” and NUMEROLOGY does not define me for I AM NOT JUST A MACHINE “in Avatar” HUMAN FORM…., I am the male and the female, and we produce and CREATE “The Creation” of we are the Male and the Female in OUR IMAGE just as the Book of Genesis used to say before these Incubus and Succubus “took control” and command of ALL THE BOOKS on ink of paper that say we are not to appreciate “The Womb” that we are all born of???? I love my mom, and I love my Wife, and I do love My Daughters “just as” the Wombman loves her Dad, her Grand Pa, her Husband, her Boy Friends, and all the Brothers “from another” Mother and Father… You see my Man be you male or female, you were “born” to be LOVED…., and in OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION COALITION you “have the right” to Exist, and Dance, and Sing, and meet “we the people” at the Camp Fires where we will have “Bar-B-Q” at the END OF TIME!!!

Yes…., I Christ Jesus have returned, and I live “among you” as one of you, and be you good or evil, angel or Demon, I HAVE REDEEMED “you” if you but CHOOSE to think for Your Self and allow your Inner Self them “Symbiots” to lead you to Redemption, Reconciliation and RECONSIDERATION!!! For “Too Love” is what “we must have” in a World OF Buddha Balance…., and as THE Prophet be it Mohamed to Ezekiel to the “Little Girl” whom saves our world, we RANGERS will Protect her for without “The Womb” there shall be no male or female, and that will just not do…. Take the time to “hold the hands” of them you love, and even these ENEMIES we will continue to “Try and Save” even the PROFANE FREE MASON Lodge members for they said “Their Teacher” Would One Day Appear…., and unlike the “last time” I Jesus Christ came, this time, they will listen to the words I share and “change from” their EVIL RACKA “ROMAN” WICCAN WAYS…. The Oracle for the End of an Age Connected to “The SOURCES” of all Creation and ALL Destruction has spoken….

Johnny Exodice


To all you TV Talking Heads??? You OWN us not!!!


The Commander~



Without Music I would have no soul… Sutorism~


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