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Do you really need to go to college?

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Published on 19 Oct 2020 / In Film and Animation

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Do you really need to go to college? Let’s get right down to business.

Number 5, Do you need post secondary school right now?
Does your field require a piece of paper to get into it? Often times student jump straight into college, only to find out that their field tends to favor work experience over schooling. Or maybe you want to take the seniority route and work your way from the bottom up on the corporate ladder. So definitely make sure you’re looking into what job postings are asking for, and determine what level of position you want to start at. Keep in mind that no company with the right mindset is going to hire Jo Blo with nothing to show.

Number 4, Are you financially prepared for a tuition fees?
If you don’t have financial assistance, whether it be grants or parents helping you out, are you capable of undertaking such a financial burden? Some people always head back to college at a later time, because they find that they want to have to money to pay for school upfront. Others work as they study, and pay as they go. Some students even rack up debt, and pay it off afterwards. You also have to consider the field you’ll be studying. Let’s say that you study hospitality with a tuition of $25,000. The average hospitality manager makes $47,000-per-year, and with cost of living it could be a few years until you pay off your schooling. Is that something you want to undertake?

Number 3, Developing your skills and Leaving all paths open
If you already have the skillset required for the job, what is your reasoning for going to school? Some may say that they already know how to do the work, prove themselves, and get hired that way. Others feel that, although they know a lot in the field, they could use a bit more theory. Some would also argue that it’s protecting yourself for your future down the road. Nobody wants to be at the point where they want to move into upper management, only to find that HR wants a piece of paper. Or maybe you find another job opportunity down the road that pays more, but the company is firm on the requirement of having schooling. Never keep yourself restricted.

Does your program provide a job placement to help you secure an interview?
This is something that most programs should offer. When take a step back, what is the main reason you go to school? To get a job. Some people go through college only to find that in their final year, they don’t do job placements, or having any aid in securing a job. Now you can say that you can easily fix this by job hunting yourself, and that’s fine. But with tuitions at such a high cost, you should always ensure you have the ability to secure a job after graduation.

Number 1, Will your program become obsolete with technological advancements?
The world is changing. There’s new innovations every day. Often times students get extremely specific diplomas in adapting fields. But ask yourself this: Do you have the drive to get hired right away? Your diploma could be obsolete in as little as 2 years with the boom in technology. If you turn around and spend a year working in a restaurant to pay off your school, you may be shooting yourself in the foot. Always ensure you’re ready for your field, and don’t delay applying. The last thing you want is to feel you’ve wasted such a large sum of money on a piece of paper that’s no longer relevant.

So all in all, is college right for you? You may say yes, you may say no. There are fantastic opportunities that college can open up for you; from knowledge, to networking, to experience. But college is also a commitment, and doesn’t fit everyone’s lifestyle. Ask yourself where you want to be in 5 years, and if college is needed to help you get there.


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