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Dustin Nemos
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Published on 07 Oct 2020 / In News and Politics

BOOM! President Trump Authorizes Total Declassification of All Documents Related to Spygate, Hillary Email Scandal – WITH NO REDACTIONS

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 13 days ago

Only a Moron would say: The FREE MASON are not Traitors...

When we look at this world we are in where we “nonmason” Tax Paying CITIZENS Take The Oath of Office to our “Nations Flags” and Capitals, and Constitutions, for so long, we nonmason had no clue That the FREE MASON had already chosen only to be Loyal ONLY to their “BLOOD OATHS” to this U.N. FLAG International Mafia of FREE MASON Lodge Members……., and in that Blood Oath to the FREE MASON Lodges…..., a MASON takes this BLOOD OATH too say: I will kill, and rape, and harm. and destroy “any nonmason” my FREE MASON Lodge Members decree are the Enemy of our Churches of Satan that are these Jesuit “Zionist” of the Vatican Synagogue of Satan from the Book of Revelation… Israel is not the Land of the JEWS, it is the LAND of the [FAKE JEWS] @QBALL /_\ from the Book of REVELATION cause Zionist are not JEWS, they are Zionist just as “Catholics” are not Christians they are CATHOLICS!!!

For a long time’ the FREE MASON Lodges where you live have “had the time” needed to take over your towns, your Religions, your Corporations, Your Schools from Elementary too Collage Frat, and Sorority Houses, and then these FREE MASON Lodge Members known as Demolay – Jobs Daughters – Shriners – Rainbow Girls – Eastern Stars “took over” your Hospitals, took over your Banks, took over Your MILITARY, and took over your Governments….., and they now have TOTAL Control of all News Papers, Magazines, Radio and TV Shows…., so by the time they Faked the Moon Landings in the 1960’s, the FREE MASON Lodge in your “Home Town” ran your City Council, OWNED your School Boards, Your Prisons, Jails, and Courts not to mention “all these” FREE MASON C.O.P.S. doing Sedition, and High Treason just as all these “U.N. Troops” are FREE MASONS whom Golden Dawn our “National Flags” Military Uniform Costumes…

Once the FREE MASON Got away with their “Faked” TV Show Moon Landings..., they knew they could pull off any War from “Vietnam” to The Gulf War, to making the TWIN TOWERS Fall on September 11th, 2001 too blame the People whom “read” the Koran…….., and the MASON Lodges even have a Koran on their “Satanic Alters” in their FREE MASON Lodges right next to the Holy Bible of Christ Jesus……..., and the Koran actually “teaches” way more about Christ Jesus than The Profit Mohammad in the Qumran!!! However.., since the FREE MASON used the U.N. To infiltrate every U.N. FLAG, and become “The Governmentals” of each Nation, the Free Mason became the leaders of Islam, Judaism, Catholicism, Christians, Mormons, Hindu, Buddhist and their list of Treachery has no end` for they make all Hollywood to Bollywood to MADE IN CHINA Movies, and YouTube Celebrities!!!

So What is the Purpose of that FREE MASON Lodge in “your” home town nonmason??? The Free Mason trick and treat “we nonmason” into doing WAR IS MURDER., and then like the Civil War In the USA that was actually WW1 as we head into WW4, The FREE MASON are the Generals, and Commanders in the U.S. Military, and they made the North, and the South nonmason Americans in the Civil War kill one another cause all the Grunts in “any” military are nonmason in these U.N. FLAGS, and as we see the Civil War was used to Destroy the People of The Southern Republic, so the FEDERALIST Republicans + Democrats “FREE MASON” aka Red Lodge / Blue Lodge would one day run the U.N. FLAGS of the World with their (COVID19) World Domination Plot known as this {NEWS} World Order where All TV no matter your “Nationals” is run by the FREE MASON too destroy we the “nonmason” Populations of this world…

Johnny Exodice


The UNITED NATIONS is the “Central Command” of all Militant Terrorits FREE MASON Lodges military U.N. FLAGS personnel: for all FREE MASON in all U.N. FLAGS, and they want “World Slavery” of We the nonmason PEOPLE, and Populations too their U.N. Banks, U.N. Confrontations, U.N. Religions, U.N. Schools, U.N. CORPORATIONS, and the U.N. is the Worlds “Largest” Military EMPIRE called GLOBAL CITIZENS known to all of mankind be we: male and female, and your FLAG no matter where you live’ SERVES the [U.N. FLAG] Q’s of their FLAT EARTH World Map inside this Celestial Sphere of “TV Actors” called your SELECTED “Presidents” whom are all FREE MASON Lodge Members as well……., but WE THE PEOPLE whom are “nonmason” were never to learn, or too Know how the FREE MASON “Lodge” Members took away all our nonmason’ Citizen Tax Payer Rights…

The Society of nonmason~


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