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Divorce and Remarriage - What did Jesus say?

OvercomeDeath - 74 Views
Published on 26 Sep 2020 / In How-to and Style

Many have tried to justify adultery by misusing what Jesus said about divorce and remarriage. This video shows the Christian sexual standards Jesus gave us so that we can avoid immorality and hypocrisy...

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 28 days ago

Teacher…, Why does TIME TRAVEL not work the same in Purgatory as it does in them TV Shows like TRAVELERS.?.?.? One must always remember we live in a Celestial Sphere that was destroyed from the Inside, and quite possible the outside as in INTERSTELLAR Travel by way of Either as VOID and Vacuum leaves “nothing” for these Faked Moon Landings too push against; moreover, this Agenda 21 + 30 happened in the [REAL] #QANON /_\ World our Souls – Spirits – SOLIDS came from, and if you wish` Our Thoughts are but Backed Up “Data” on the MAINFRAME of this Simulation Virtual Reality Holographic World where even our ENEMY the FREE MASON try to pretend they are not {A Cult Religion} / * \ of Satan Worship, and Demonic OTO Kabbalah Zohar Jesuit Zionist Warlocks, and Witches as nonhumans’ from the Other Side of our FLAT EARTH in this recreation of what happened to the Human Race that we would Build Weapons too DESTROY ourselves be we human and “nonhuman” and HYBRIDS of both species… That said: Neither you, or I, nor even them are actually “Real” inside a CUBE COMPUTER where the Bubble is this Celestial Sphere……., and the LESSON will never end till 2094 C.E. In that’ you might ask yourself, won’t this place just RESET over, and over` forever, and ever as PURGATORY for a place of The Dammed, and The Cursed, and The Forsaken??? No…, it will not… Because this is a Recreation of what happened to our REAL Celestial Sphere as Celestial Beings……..., and there are no Gods as presented in all these Ink on Paper “books” no matter how old…….., and there is no COMPUTER NEON GOD except the Illusionist lost in their own CODE + MAGIC + ALCHEMY = SORCERY!!! Theretofore, yes Time Travel happened in the REAL WORLD…..., and destroyed all life in the end….., and however WE THE PEOPLE got to this place of PURGATORY…., Purgatory is a TEMPORARY Place…, and The 9 Lives of Millions of attempt's to Jump Back.., and STOP the DEAD MOON SYNDROME that is a Reflection of what our REAL HOME WORLD looks like should be taken into consideration., that this place shall and will end, and since I am the Christ Jesus Returned, then I will hold true to the thought that The Source of All Creation, and The Source of All Destruction that MADE THIS place for The Lesson of Christ Jesus that Narrow Path of Honesty, and if you can not Be honest about where we are, and Repent, Reconsider, Reconcile with ONE ANOTHER, Then Trump, and Pence, and Putin, and Xi, and even Bi Bi of The Book of REVELATION wilt do The LAST Great Nuclear Hydrogen War: cause they did it in the REAL WORLD, and we will “play our parts” in this ALL THE WORLD IS A STAGE, and the People will curse their gods, and not change their ways, but we will have FAITH in one another that we do get to go home, and not be thrown into the 2nd LAKE OF FIRE: Whence this place ends in 2094 C.E. The Book of EXODICE…


Either you know where we are, what we are, and whom you are, or you are one of them The Dammed, The Cursed, and The Forsaken whom will do WAR IS MURDER and never go home, but only be thrown into the Second Lake of Fire with all the other Angels and Demons known as Incubus and Succubus from the Book of Enoch aka The Watchers!!!

The Sentinel…


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