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OvercomeDeath - 91 Views
Published on 23 Jun 2020 / In How-to and Style

The church is steering people towards Satan’s monetary system. If you want to find God’s Kingdom, you need to stop believing in what the system can provide for you, are you willing?

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EETPMC 9 days ago

A very good video. As I understand it from the Bible, heaven was never sold as a paradise of sorts for us to just live comfortably, it was simply the transitional period for God to give us greater works and tasks to do after we have proven ourselves here on Earth. I believe we are here as a test, to prove ourselves as a moral individual worthy of greater attention and responsibilities. And of course, the best tests happen when people think no one is watching, and where there isn't an immediate consequence or reward. Buddhism has a saying that if one doesn't recognize the truth in this life, when will we? I think that applies to your comments that we should not wait for death to be the best person, we should establish that now, while we are still alive.

The only point of contention I would have is that manmade constructs are relevant, even on the path of attempting to follow righteousness. Money is important, the only difference being why one wants the money. It is not good to want money to feed an ego or greed that is unnecessary, but money is the power to do good as well as to safeguard those you love. Similarly, patriotism and politics has relevance in affecting how we live, from defense, security, and of course economy like money. I do not believe these manmade constructs were outside of God's expectation. We live in a society specifically because I think God wants us to be able to learn how to hold our ideals even if the situation demands us to stray. I believe he wants us to learn how to leverage the characteristics of a corrupted society and figure out how to assist others. Just like your note on how we should have good work ethics to set an example for others. For example, in intelligence work, an individual may have to pretend to be a criminal in order to get information that can take down the overarching organization. While a CI may do wrongs while undercover, the overarching intent is to do good. I do not believe God wants us to simply forsake the traditions of society, but rather train ourselves to stay on his path even despite incorporating ourselves into a "Godless society". While it is hard to stay true to an ideal, it is much harder to return to a discipline you deviated from. However, I believe that is an important skill being drilled into us, as we are not perfect and we will make mistakes, the question is if we choose to resume our original path or if we decide to stray further off because we give up since we failed to achieve perfection. Evil is dangerous specifically because we can comprehend its reasoning, and many otherwise good people have lost their way simply because they believe they can't return once they fall off the right path, and in that sense they give up on correcting themselves even though their own salvation is still possible.

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