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Dillon XL650, My Way of Correcting Powder Spill

76Highboy Reloading
Published on 27 Jan 2020 / In Firearms


I purchased my 2nd Dillon XL650 in unused condition and found that powder spill over was excessive. After trying several calibers and multiple powders on my new 650 I determined it needed to be corrected. I decided that my first attempt to fix this problem would be to lessen the push from the index ball spring. I tried it and it successfully worked. Powder spill over is minimal and I may try this on my other 650 and my new 750.

IMO, there is really no effective way of eliminating 100% powder spill over on an auto progressive machine. Due to the weight of a granule of powder and the amount of inertia generated from the machine powder spill over is inherent in this type of setup. My goal was to reduce it to a minimum and I found it works.

As a warning to all viewers, I do not know what the effects of compressing the spring may have on the operation of the machine so use the information from this video at YOUR OWN RISK. Be aware that anything from a missed charge to a double charge can occur when you alter your machine and you may end up ruining your spring causing your machine to be put out of commission.


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