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Dems doing human cloning on islands!? Uplifting message at the end!

Linda Kirby
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Published on 21 Aug 2019 / In Film and Animation






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0U8123MTA3 9 months ago

I look forward to spending eternity with those like yourself, Linda, that see exactly that mass populations of genetically altered "people" are here again similar to what happened in the "days of Noah". You also see that those of us who turn to Jesus Christ will be spared the destruction reserved for those that harbor hatred toward the Lord of Spirits that gave us the precious gift of life.

For anyone who doesn't already know, UFOs are the "angels" spoken of in Scripture. Some are fallen yet many serve our Maker. UFOs are becoming more prominent as we get closer to Savior's return. Savior's "star of Bethlehem" was in fact the UFO/Angel that was appointed over His birth. Anyone who plans to follow Jesus but hasn't yet, do not waste any more time. Find someone who reads the Gospels and agrees that love and humility are eternally valuable and put God's word into practice. Wherever two are gathered in His Name, He is there.

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