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Democrats Admit Plan to Steal Election, Trigger Ci.mp4

CitizenJournalist.News Gregg Huestis
Published on 26 Sep 2020 / In News and Politics

Democrats Admit Plan to Steal Election, Trigger Civil War

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 month ago

The {NEWS} World Order and its Malfeasance EMPIRE!!!

When we lost our side of FLAT EARTH in the MUD FLOOD Wars of 1853 to 1854, we humans were raised by the nonhumans whom defeated we The People aka humans in this Celestial Sphere in the year of 1855, and everything after 1855 was created Stories that more then likely did pertain to their side of the World in this 2 Sided “FLAG” DUAL EARTH of Doppelgangers, Angels and Demons, Succubus and Incubus PRETENDING to be Humane on their inner being when we know These FREE MASON Lodges are the houses of SATAN and LUCIFER and The Devil, and they control all Media be it Local to International, and in such A dispensary as this, they also control all the U-Tube to YouTube to your Social Media ZOOM Exchanges where they all profit off our human misery telling us their lies…

Now how about rather then call this Global Takeover by the CORPORATIONS of these INTERNATIONALIST, we just call the Corona Common Cold RING WORM.?.?.? Do you know what Ring Worm is, do you know how to Research and Investigate what the Cause and Control of Ring Worm would be, and in this, do you not see THE GAME these U.N. Citizens, and their Global Citizens are playing on WE THE PEOPLE whom they live off our Welfare known as Collage Admission to Teach us Fake Space, DNA and RNA that are more made up Concepts just as The Atom does not oscillate any more then The Corona is still the COMMON COLD, and yet, these Demolay – Jobs Daughters – Rainbow Girls and any and all other Forms of FREE MASON Lodge Members lie to our faces about everything down here in Purgatory, cause We Humans LOST the Great Hydrogen Nuclear War to them in 1855…

Take this truth too Heart, you can look up Ring Worm, find the Cause, and the Cure, but in our Technological Gene Splicing Designer Babies Mechanization, these People be they our Religious Elders, High School Teachers, the Town Veterinarian, not too mention all these Shriners Children Hospitals, and FEED THE WORLD U.N. FLAGS want to Charge for the CURE to Covid-19 when over a Million People THEY SAY have died World Wide, and Trump has no clue how to Negotiate a Peace Deal with China and Russia too save the world from this so called Scourge of Humanity??? Can you not tell that by way of the INTERNET, all known Knowledge is shared by these U.N. FLAGS, and their Representatives known as Your Majesty……, and Your Excellency in U.N. Talk??? These things on TV Shows, Movies, and any other that still deny we live on a FLAT PLAIN in a Celestial Sphere live too LIE TO YOUR FACE, so you will buy their fucking shit, and no other reason…

This is the game of these TV People, and many actors and actresses attend OUR RELIGIONS dependent on the FLAG given to such and such Human Population, and these Medical People holding their Droplets have no cure, nor will the Vaccines do any good, nor any harm cause they will be INJECTING you with Water’ cause THEIR PURPOSE is to make money off the EPIDEMIC in your Colleges Fees, Think Tank Donatons, Military Taxes, Religions Tithes, and Government Welfare all run by nonhumans is what THEY LIVE want… If you can not see [the game] @QBALL /_\ of the U.N. Jesuit Zionist Military EMPIRE is to “de-fund” the USA, and then those with the most get to take the spoils of the USA be that our Military Weapons, Our Land, Our Buildings, and then tell we the U.S. Citizens, you are now “owned” by this or that U.N. FLAG of MADE IN CHINA!!! Cause China has Wechat for DIGITAL Payments…..., and we will be a “Cashless” People owned by the U.N. FLAGS CORPORATIONS of this world` of and for: misery, degradation, and Human slavery by nonhumans…

Johnny Exodice


Someone or Some CORPORATIONS “own” The National Debt of the USA by way of the INTERNATIONAL FEDERAL RESERVE….., and when the USA Government [is owned] Q’s by others cause WE THE PEOPLE can never pay off the National Debt of Trillions upon Trillions, then our (U.S. Elders) / * \ have all sold we nonmason U.S. Citizens down the stream to be Debt Slaves to these NEW CORPORATIONS “WORLD ORDER” NORMAL…

The Sentinel…



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