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Democrat HOAXED By Russian Pranksters Into Believing INSANE Story About Trump And Greta Thunberg.mp4

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Published on 04 Jan 2020 / In News and Politics

Democrat HOAXED By Russian Pranksters Into Believing INSANE Story About Trump And Greta Thunberg. Russian pranksters crank called Maxine Waters with an absurd story painting Donald Trump as some comic book villain.

They claimed that Trump leaned in and whispered to Greta Thunberg that she will never accomplish her goals just like congress.

Apparently then, according to the hoax, Trump fully admits to all of the worst allegations involving Ukraine saying he really did want to go after Joe Biden. It got even better when they then claimed they recorded it all and for some reason Waters then invites them to Washington.

This story is silly and doesn't matter too much but it makes me wonder why leftists and democrats fall for fake news so often. This isn't to say conservatives and republicans don't but that it tends to be the left pushing fake news and hoaxes.

It turns out that one of the most influential sources of news for the left is Occupy Democrats which is just a meme page and has been described as overt fake news in the past. Conservatives use Fox news and Ben Shapiro's The Daily Wire.

While the right wing sources are biased they are not overt fake news like some silly meme page Occupy Democrats.

Democrats overwhelmingly Trust media even when the stories contradict so maybe its just a general issue of trust.


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