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Dell Latitude 10 (ST2) Overview. Windows 8 ready for Business World?

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Published on 19 Jan 2013 / In Firearms

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New Purchase at work. Ordered back in December, and was met with delay in shipment due to demand.

System Specifications can be found here:

This is being tested as an Ipad alternative. Currently Ipad users in the shop must RDP into a terminal server, then launch our ERP system. We will be testing speed of being able to directly launch the ERP application from the Tablet.

This is equipped with Windows 8 Pro X86 OS, not the RT.

Overall the system is really well built. The touch screen is a little less responsive then the Ipad; ie this seems to require a little more force to use.

Love the removable battery, and the USB and HDMI. Dislike the 136x768 resolution, but is pretty clear and sharp. I hate how there's no place on the tablet itself to store a touch pen, then again the pen was not standard. Definately hate the lack of on screen keyboard keys. Where is the CTRL+ALT+Delete !!!

Boot up time is respectable at 24 seconds. The Solid State Hard drive is 64GB, but speed is nowhere near an actual SSD.

The dock makes desk use a pleasure, and bluetooh, ethernet, and HDMI allo you to use this like a laptop with a docking station.

My only concern is Windows 8 on a business level. Businesses don't like change, especially when everyone is so used to Windows XP, and 7 practices and standards. Users may or may not want to learn the seven ways from sunday on what touching and swiping accomplish what tasks.

Only Time will tell :)

Thanks for watching

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