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The Resistance 1776
The Resistance 1776 - 91 Views
Published on 18 Mar 2020 / In News and Politics

Will government locking down society crash the economy?

On this Wednesday edition of The David Knight Show you’ll receive the latest updates on COVID-19, the Democrat presidential race and more.

Also, how far will the American government go to fight the virus and will 5G play a role in surveillance?

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

Teacher…, why do you “not worry” about this WORLD WIDE RESET??? Cause by making THE BOOK OF NONMASON……..., I have laid down a “Legal Document” and Knowledge that Proves all World Leaders are Committing and “Commuting” SEDITION under any NATIONAL Constitution except the [UNITED NATIONS] / * \ Constitution cause the INTERNATIONAL MAFIA known as that U.N. FLAG “does not have” any CONSTITUTIONAL Protection for its {member states} +=+ for they can Attack One another if China – Russia – France – England – United States “on the” PERMANENT Security Counsel say: It is O.K. for France to Colonize Mali…….., It is O.K. for The British Empire too “Colonize” The America’s……., it is fine with China to “Split Korea” a one people country into TWO “opposing people” [{**}] even when they come from the SAME Blood Lines…..., and It is just fine with RUSSIA too “Split Germany” in TWO after WORLD WAR TWO….., and impose Hardship and COMMUNISM on all the “Baltic States” even my Home Land of POLAND where 6 Million “Polish People” Died not these Zionist Jesuit “Semitic” TALMUD Jews!!! You See…., these people RESET the “World Map” after World War Two..., and you would do well “to look at” the WORLD Maps of Nations and “Flags” before World War One` for you will see the “only reason” we are made to go to WAR is so Humans will kill Humans cause “Incubus” and Succubus must TRICK.., or TREAT “we the people” into Killing one another., they can not ORDER you to Obey – Comply – Submit, and now that the masses “of the world” have been Tricked and Treated into a fake ass "COVID 19" Vape Oils “Virus” made by the CDC of these UNITED STATES that “was recalled” [{*}] by the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA that “Act of 1871” U.S. FLAG` even we the 50 States Flags Constitutions, and OUR BOARDERS have an “alien invasion force” ENTRENCHED in our Government where FREE MASON Lodges “are the” INTERNATIONALIST from them “2 Continents” left off the U.N. FLAGS Confederation not Coalition!!! And is not A “Confederacy” just another term for FEDERAL GOVERNMENT “that is illegal” under the Old United States FOR America, and even this CORPORATION “U.S. Constitution” if you had the Bravery, and Decency, and Integrity “too know” that when you take AN OATH to protect We The Citizens “of our” Lands that means the U.N. Flags is the “Socialist Party” of these Commies, and Reds, and FEDERALIST??? Do tell me Supreme Court “where it states” in your National CONSTITUTION that Treason to your States Constitutions is “to be permitted” be you in Florida to Nebraska, Idaho to Utah, California to “High Treason” New York Quo mo????? Therefore…., when I shoot “any person” saying they come to take my PROPERTY “that is” this Human Body….., I am shooting them in “Self Defense” no matter what Back Wards U.S. Flag Patches “they live” wear……., or the Symbols of the Alphabet Soup LETTERS they say I AM PROPERTY of these RELIGIOUS “possessors” from the CIA to FBI to NORAD to NATO to HOMELAND SECURITY for I “do not live” in A HOME LAND…….., I live in a Constitutional REPUBLIC known as “The Great Nation” and Country called The State of Georgia USA, and if this “USA FLAG” is now the ENEMY of my people and my self……..., then the U.S. FLAG “shall and will” be taken down….., and my Georgia to Florida to Texas to Nevada to the Real WASHINGTON “States Flags” shall fly alone to take out the Trash known as “The U.S. Government” and the U.S. Military by my National and Coast Guards the True and only “Legal Mitigation” for our states rights under the “2nd Amendment” of even this ACT of 1871 “U.S.” Corporate Constitution….. The Book of EXODICE!!!


They will use THE MEDIA “to cover up” people Shooting back at the “U.S. Government” in our 50 STATES FOR AMERICA Rag Tag Rebellion!!!!


The Commander~

THE BOOK OF NONMASON can be downloaded at mewe.com >>> Johnny Exodice and UGETube.com same Person….

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