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#DavidKnightShow HR1: Executive Order On Social Media #Censorship – What Was Proposed, Will It Work?

The Resistance 1776
The Resistance 1776 - 139 Views
Published on 29 May 2020 / In News and Politics

Free speech must be protected! We’ll explain how President Trump’s Executive Order on social media censorship will alter the fate of free speech online. -- 03

Also, viewers will receive updates on today’s top news items such as the Minneapolis riots, which are spreading to other cities, faulty coronavirus data, and much more.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 month ago

Commander…, if the FREE MASON start some TV Race War, will that not Re-instate SEGREGATION, and then how will we ever cure all the [5G Eugenics] /_\ done to our peoples of Pak-Toe.?.?.?.? Do not be so swayed by that “Racka” TV Screen that is just a Weapon of these (COVID19) Alien Machine {Bug Head} / * \ People in our Human Body Temple Avatars for there will be a day we allow the Blond Hair and Blue Eyes to REPOPULATE and “the same” +=+ of the GREEN EYES and Red Hair People, and in that` as their communities grow, and we can begin too RESTORE the mix of Genetics in Asian and all the rest with “Blond hair” and Blue Eyes….., and then all Asians and Latinos and “Arabs” and even AFRICANS [can once again] have NATURAL “Blond Hair” and Blue Eyes……., and the same shall be done for those “whom know” we need VARIETY in our Human Genes, and we want RED Hair and “Green Eyes” in the Darker to Dark skin people as well as Natural green and blue eyes “for our” [{**}] Latino – Asian – Indian – Arabic fellows be they “male and female” of and for OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition!!!

Just know this, it was those whom now [run the world] [{*}] and their ANCESTORS whom did the Great Nuclear Hydrogen War that actually ended in 1954 C.E. when the UNITED NATIONS Military took over Korea and made it NORTH and SOUTH “Koreas” where they were the last Asian Strong Hold to put up any Resistance “as Taratians” against these Chaldean!!!!

You know the FREE MASON are all Robotic {Mass Murdering} Machine INSECT HIVE Mind People, Persons, and Populations, and we must all do TEEN TITANS GO to our Enemy these “192 U.N. FLAGS” whom beat us, shoot us, arrest and kidnap us into Jails, Prisons, and their Children Schools and Children Religions of FAKE SPACE!!!! FAKE DNA!!! and their blatant disregard for our Citizens CONSTITUTIONAL Protections, and if any C.O.P.S. Walk up to you “be they” MILITARY or CIVILIAN and say to you: Your Citizens CONSTITUTIONAL Protections have been Suspended?????

Then you just Shoot them DEAD for they “no longer” are CITIZENS Either of that Suspended U.S. FLAG Constitution!!!!

You see, if there is no RULE OF LAW meaning we are “no longer” protected by our NATIONS COUNTRIES FLAG and its embolism “of our” Republics and Common Wealth Kingdoms and Queendoms CONSTITUTIONS then [these people] #QANON be they in the Hospitals, Courts, Law Enforcement, GOVERNMENT, Religions regardless “of nation” from IRAN to JAPAN they are all doing High Treason – Sedition – Treachery as FREE MASON Lodge Members……., and their FAKE SPACE PROJECT BLUE BEAM “world domination” plot of these leaders whom participate with the 192 U.N. FLAGS that the U.S. FLAG is just a “Folks Pleb” and Plebe FLAG of the many U.N. Conquered Nations by these FREE MASON Lodges and their “International” Crime Wave of (COVID19) Robots and Androids and Cybernetics TAKE OVER (of all) our jobs, farms, food, and water, and in that, if we do not kill all free mason “lodge members” no matter their age, then we NONMASON will all die and be “rounded up“ as CITIZENS of our Nations…..


Moreover……., REGARDLESS of skin tone “be it light” or dark we NONMASON are too be murdered Just like that BLACK man Rapper “by them” White Red Neck C.O.P.S. “protected to live” are they not????``` by their FREE MASON COURTS as FREE MASON C.O.P.S. of our [Counties] and Cities, so do so TAKE THEM TO {FEDERAL COURT} FOR MURDER for the county and city cops “are not above” THESE FEDERAL U.S. LAWSeven “in these days” of FREE MASON COURTS, and Free Mason Judges!!!!

The Commander~


I mean look at “these people” with EVIL Spirits and “Machine Spirits” all selling THE SAME DAMN (COVID19) Lie as the got money, and they got jobs, and they can “feed their kids” while our children starve cause we do [not belong] +=+ to that FREE MASON Lodge in our home towns!!!!

FUCK THEM ALL!!!! They do not deserve the Right to exist when “they are” Hunger Games SILENT about that BLACK MAN being Murdered by a “U.S. Citizen” Cops……, and THEY LIVE have sold out WE ARE HUMANS “to this” Hive Mind of Machine Thinking “Insect” Beings!!!!

Therefore, keep killing and {murdering} and Assassinating FREE MASON in “Secret” no matter their age or Position in your [Small Towns] too Mega Metropolitan Cities!!!!

The Society of nonmason~


Download THE BOOK OF NONMASON for free at Johnny Exodice on mewe.com

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