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#DavidKnightShow HR1: As The Left Eats Its Own, Their Hatred For America Increases!

The Resistance 1776
The Resistance 1776 - 120 Views
Published on 08 Jul 2020 / In News and Politics

The agenda to radically transform the country is well underway. We’ll examine Trump’s decision to remove America from the World Health Organization, Don Lemon’s suggestion for an addition to Mount Rushmore, the latest on Ghislaine Maxwell and much more. -- 12

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 month ago

Oracle will be Oracle, and I guess then when I hear something that I do Pass it along to you Q-Heads as your Q-Ball, and in that you should LISTEN WELL to the MADE IN CHINA Internationalist whom uses a word that sounded very much like ASSASSINATION of Trump and Pence, so Someone more in line with the UNITED NATIONS (COVID19) CORPORATIONS World Domination Plot can take the U.S. FLAG back into the U.N. FLAGS before the WHO is let go by Pence and Trump….


Just go to Todays WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM on the YouTUBE and listen to these W.T.O. and W.H.O. bandits and robbers and For Certain MACHINE PEOPLE thinking they can keep WE THE PEOPLE as useful ANDROID idiots to their INTERNATIONALIST World Domination Plot of all CORPORATION FLAGS and since we all know FLAGS are nothing more then CORPORATE FLAGS, I live in the Corporate State of Georgia, and since I can not leave my State as A Georgian U.S. Citizen whom does not want to become a GLOBALIST U.N. Corporate Citizens, you might want to keep PENCE and TRUMP alive, as maybe one day before I am DEAD DEAD DEAD, I can take A look at The EDISON A.I. machine and interface with its Virtual Reality without having to do so in my DREAMS while I sleep….


Also BLACKING OUT PENCE means to kill them both by ANY MEANS and Blame MADE IN CHINA to kick off WORLD WAR ZERO sooner then 11-03-2020 by Nuking Seattle Washington on ELECTION NIGHT!!!


The U.N. Will never let THE WORLD POLICE go back to we these AMERICAN CITIZENS “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition…


And Sadly what [we are] seeing Q is a WAR between The CATHOLICS and The FREE MASON Lodges for WORLD DOMINATION CORPORATE Control of the U.N. Corporate FLAGS……., and the U.N. WORLD POLICE MILITARY EMPIRE…

Now you might be new to my Teachings, so let me make it SIMPLE, there are TWO Blood Lines at War’ one called the SYMBOL of the Eagle, and the other The Symbol of The Snake, and they had CONSPIRED to RULE THE WORLD with their FAKE SPACE TV SHOWS…..., and since we The “PINEAPPLE” BLOOD LINE care for neither….., we let them know that The Eagle Blood Line of Trump a FREE MASON would take out “The Snake” Blood Line of the Vatican…., so if you want too learn {all you} can learn about THE END OF TIME if we do not FIX the {Artificial Intelligence} known as THE GREAT WORK.?.?.?.? Then Go to this page…., and download all the “Books of Knowledge” and READ THEM IN IN ORDER starting with THE BOOK OF NONMASON…..


The Commander~


DEAR AMTV..., and RICHIE FROM BOSTON…., you will want to OPEN your old Dry Product and your {New Dry Product} cause the Beans and Rice and other DRY FOODS are nothing more then 3D Printed BUG Shells and Bug Guts……., and there is [no life] in that STUFF for we HUMANS... If you go Review The Write In President……..., he cooked them Black Dry Bean and THEY LIVE Foods bled Blue - Green - Purple CREEPY CRAWLERS Shell oils….., SO Do your own part…….., and make sure your own personal FOOD SUPPLY (is nothing more) then (COVID19) BUG GUTS!!!


As The Last HUMAN SOUL in this Realm, this “Eagle Blood” is as much a LIAR as them Snake Blood Lines...

The Oracle “of and for” WE THE PEOPLE of and for {Our Pineapple} BLOOD Lines…

The Southern Republic...


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