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The Resistance 1776
The Resistance 1776 - 141 Views
Published on 14 Feb 2020 / In News and Politics

On this Friday transmission of The David Knight Show, we’ll look at why Democrats in Virginia walked out of the House of Delegates after a black pastor started preaching against abortion, the latest on the Wuhan #coronavirus and much more.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 5 months ago

Fractals in my mind

As The U.S. FLAG “Military” prepares to go to WAR with all Nations for the FREE MASON “United Nations” INTERNATIONAL MAFIA of Human Trafficking for these Incubus and Succubus from the OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD in this FLAT Duel Earth “Celestial Sphere” Home World of Purgatory……..., it saddens me that só many “nonmason” are beholden to their TV Screens thinking the FOX NEWS…….., and the CNN……., and all the other INTERNATIONAL TV Shows are “not” against them… Now…..., I have trained my people of Pak-Toe well to do battle with The Racka….., but só many are still “under the sway” of Spells and Spellings called INK on PAPER Books of Religions and Philosophy and LOYALTY to a Military with “Backwards” U.S. FLAG Patches cause they are Told “Dissent” is Allowed…., but Betrayal is Death!!! It is true the “Betrayal is wrong” when you BETRAY what is good..., but too betray only other Betrayers to our Nations “NATIONAL” Flags.., and Boarders., and CONSTITUTIONS is the real “crux” of the matter….

You see, I am one “of them” or one of “Those” whom has the Holy Water Spirit in my SOUL, and I did cry out to Jesus to fill me with the “Great” Spirit, and he did… Yet, Christ is só much more then MALE AND FEMALE for “he is” the great WE ARE!!! In that, I have trained “my people” these ROMANTIC WARRIORS to cut the wires to all U.S. MILITARY BASES be it Communications, Gas Mains, Electronics, Water Supplies, Old Tech, and even the WALK-ABLE SEWERS….., and too be certain all that [5G Death Tech] só these Demons and Devils and Gin and “Satanist” and Ghouls aka GOLEM in the “U.S. MILITARY” can not put WE THE PEOPLE into Oblivion cause they are all trying to Escape the RED DRAGON of this {Made In China} Norad Virus from Corona by the U.S. FLAG of the CORPORATION Communications of the “CDC” and EPA and NSA and CIA and all them [Alphabet Soups] of these INTERNATIONALIST Globalist of “slave populations” known as OUR RULERS these FREE MASON Lodges “in our” home towns!!!

You see, to commit SEDITION a word [you do] +=+ want to look up in that Internet Dictionary I share with those of Pak-Toe…..., you will come to see that when “ONE GROUP” runs the Courts, and Collects the Taxes, and then that {Same Group} Runs the RELIGIONS, and collects the Tithing, and then THAT “SAME” GROUP Runs the Military, the Schools, and the Hospitals, and Collects the TRIBUTE of “we the people” the NONMASON POPULATIONS of the world, then that word SEDITION takes on “a whole new meaning” as a nonmason [PERSON] in these Courts…., and Mental Wards, and Prisons run by those whom FORCE us “too pay” Taxes and Force us to “give money” to the Catholic / * \ Muslim Hindu [Zionist Jesuits] TALMUD Temple Mosk Synagogue CHURCH!!! They are all Traitors to we {the nonmason} POPULATIONS……., but they control the TV SCREEN, and they say: Let the “U.S. FLAG” own and occupy…., and kill “your people” for these Incubus and Succubus “in our” HUMAN Looking Forms???

I do not need [to be found out] [{**}] when I kill or murder a FREE MASON “Family” for they are only a Family of “Fraternal Orders” and Sorority Sisters in them HOLLOW WOOD to Bollywood ENTERTAINMENT ESTABLISHMENTS, and since the word “Entertainment” only means ENCHANTMENTS on my nonmason people…., then all TV Shows and Movies and Music and Sports and all the REST on them “2D HDTV” Screens are used to Hex me, and Curse me, and Destroy me, and my people…., and my friends, and my loved ones, and my children, and woe to the old whom have “never known nothing” other then THEM TV MATRIX “Television” SCREENS of Their “Governments” cause They are not OUR GOVERNMENT “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION COALITION…., they are Their UNITED NATIONS “Agenda 21” of Depopulation by way of Deception – Guile – Cruelty…., and for all we “the nonmason” FOOLS whom say: I was just Following Orders!!!

Johnny Exodice



The Commander and Friend of Suleiman…


You better learn “skills” before THE MUD FLOODS come…


Trump is “working” with INDIA and their U.N.Troops!!! Never forget Trumps India ONLY Crowd in “Houston” TEXAS USA last year 2019!!! These are not our [Good Indians] in them Hotels, these are just more FREE MASON {U.N. Troops} of the CORONA “NORAD” VIRUS of JADE HELM 15……...



You see there are People from India whom have read THE BOOK OF NONMASON!!! ha ha ha

You can now “download” BOOK SEVEN OF NONMASON at mewe.com >>>> Johnny Exodice


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