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The Resistance 1776
The Resistance 1776 - 132 Views
Published on 26 Aug 2020 / In News and Politics

We will learn the truth about last night’s Kenosha, Wisconsin riot shootings and how mainstream media is twisting the narrative. Also, Knight will discuss Idaho’s COVID lockdown resistance, the singer Van Morrison’s fight for freedom and much more.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 24 days ago

And The Teacher Spoke…, Doubt is actually a good thing, for without Question, you will follow a Man or a Wombman too your DOOM!!! Since we know the Holy Bible and all the others from the KORAN to That TALMUD are man made FREE MASON Lodge Members books to keep we the nonmason under their MIND CONTROL, and too use Intimidation Tactics of DO AS I SAY, or MY GOD will kill you!!!! We The People whom are nonmason can now see that FREE MASON Lodge Members are the true infestation of (COVID19) in all our lands “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition……., and as we have proven’ these FREE MASON Families have incest to keep their BLOOD LINES PURE, Sick, Profane, DEPLORABLE FILTH, we have done well too [hijack the] #QANON /_\ movement…….., and make it “our own” where we can turn Trump the Chump into The Governor in that COLONY Netflix Resistance TV SHOW!!! Had Peter not doubted Christ Jesus……..., he would not have saved {The Blood Line} +=+ of Christ and got him off that Cross before he died…..., so Jesus could become Paul The Apostle…., and then take on the IDENTITY of Peter The Rock to have his “own children” once he had settled down…., and Faked His Death for the ROMAN CATHOLIC Zionist Jesuit “Church” this U.N MILITARY EMPIRE of the world… Heretofore, if you continue to REJECT That I Christ Jesus have Returned in the Blood, and Bones, and Flesh of this Human Host..., you will be judged [whence you die] Q’ here in PURGATORY.., and it won’t matter if you are RICHIE FROM BOSTON or AMTV., or any other for the problem with our Situation now is that If This [Celestial Sphere] Q+ is all we have left, and you allow these U.N. Troops to BLOW UP the Whole Wide World one more time, This Place will Cease to exist!!! Now, it could be, some of you want PURGATORY to come to an end, so you can go to the 2nd Lake of Fire and CEASE TO EXIST you’m selves, but you might want to [reconsider] Q` that Our God The God of Gods will put you into a HELL of your own making for 1,000 Years be you Donald John Trump to PizzaGATE Satanist Joe Biden…. How amazing that CNN is now “complicating” about QANON, and their movement cause Trump thought I Christ Jesus would never return` too refute him as the RED FACE Devil and Roman U.N. CATHOLIC Conspirator he so is!!!! Theretofore, continue to talk about these FAKE JEWS from the Book of Revelation known as Zionist and Jesuits!!! The Oracle for the God of WE THE PEOPLE has so spoken… The Book of EXODICE!!!


If this written work is new to you, and you know not Jeppo Jinx and Johnny Exodice, then you can find their Works on UGETube.com at Johnny Exodice and MeWe.com under the same name, and at OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition Page on MEWE where you can down load ALL THE BOOKS OF “Knowledge” for free too Read OFFLINE at your pleasure….

When you know our Home World can not take one more Great Nuclear Hydrogen Atomic Holocaust War, then what will you do to save it, and your people my nonmason.?.?.?

The Southern Republic….

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BOEgUKWHRHs All these FREE MASON Kids know exactly what they are doing taking over the World for These U.N. FLAGS as we the nonmason of the world are left "too rot" as their FELLOW Citizens!!! #LiquidDIRT [///|||\\\] @QANON /_\ Evil Spirits in their minds! Q+ The Pen`


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