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The Resistance 1776
The Resistance 1776 - 248 Views
Published on 17 Feb 2020 / In News and Politics

As #coronavirus spreads, the Chinese government becomes more #tyrannical

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 6 months ago

Teacher…, why do “these people” deny their creator………, and their destroyer…….., and think A MACHINE can bring “Synthesis” to Thesis and Anti-Thesis when their whole NEW WORLD ORDER was always based on LIES……., and those whom wrote these LIES are long dead??? If you have studied the Videos of [The Write In President] when he captured the Leviathans coming up OUT OF THE ABYSS in Santa Barbara CALIFORNIA USA where the EDISON A.I. known as “JADE HELM 15” is using Forced Technology to Terra Form this world {once more} +=+ by way of PROJECT BLUE BEAM…..., then you would know all Books after 1893 C.E. are nothing more then “Ink on Paper” / * \ Thoughts of Mankind “be we” male and female…. The FREE MASON INTERNATIONALIST Globalist hold special sway [over our minds] [{**}] and their OTO Kabbala Zohar Magic weakens second by second “as we chose” as HUMAN BEINGS in our Temporary Corporeal Carnal TEMPLE Body Avatars to NOT WORSHIP….., do not Idolize…., do not wish or COVET too be like them..., live like them.., pray to them “be they” A Joel Olsteen to A dead Kobe Bryant whom we of The RED HAND – KILROY – The 5th Column did só shoot him “out of the sky” by using little “Mini Drones” too fly into the {Helicopters Engine} [{*}] Apparatus., and make the whole thing explode and fall to the ground telling ALL IN HOLLYWOOD TO BOLLYWOOD we do not have to buy any of your [Made In China] Crap from your Whuhan COVID 19 Norad Virus to all thes “U.N. Troops” in our Police Uniforms, and Military Uniforms from our RELIGIONS to our REGIONS to our GOVERNMENTS to our “Educational” Medical Centers there are Too Many Incubus and Succubus [walking among us] Humans aka nonmason for these Demons and Devils and all the Other “Racka” whom are not Pak-Toe go to them Churches of SATAN the “Catholic” FREE MASON Lodges in your Home Towns as they steal your children, rape your children, and murder your children… This is “the plight” of any whom belong to them FREE MASON Lodges be they your {10 year old girls} to your 14 year old boys where Old Hags and Witches known as EASTERN STARS “tell them” all how to be…., and how too lie…., and how to cheat…., and how to LIVE OFF [OUR WELFARE] as Employees of the Governed??? The Shriners are the “Real Islamist” in your American Cities and Home Towns for “do they not” wear the MUSLIM CAP of WORLD WAR ONE and WORLD WAR TWO where in those wars they destoryed all “The Knowledge” of the World before the Great Nuclear Hydrogen War of 1853 T.L. to 1854 T.L. ….. Therefore, my people “if you are” my people…..., you must shoot them dead when they say the COVID – 19 WHO aka “NEW WORLD ORDER” says it is time to ROUND UP Humans in all 50 States FOR America “by way of” these Private Contracted “G4S” and Acdemi Types of BLACK WATER the “Decedents” of those whom Shot Our Moon Luna till she bled black water and rained down on them……., and that is the real reason behind Tattoos INK is too say…….., I STOLE “THE BLOOD” of the Moon after [we attacked her] with WEAPONS, and BOMBS, and Missiles of this “Backwards” U.S. FLAG!!! The Book of Exodice!!!


There is NO Bat Snake Corona Virus!!! They just “make it up” to ARREST YOU, Detain You, and Torture you on [U.S. Military Bases] run by these “U.N. Troops” known as this U.S. Military…

The Commander~

In the MEMORY of Iran's “Persian King” GENERAL Suleiman, and THE BOOK OF DANIEL……, WE FIGHT ON!!!

We Are Pak-Toe… We don’t do Racka… We take them out…




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