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The Resistance 1776
The Resistance 1776 - 131 Views
Published on 11 Aug 2020 / In News and Politics

We’ll continue to detail the fall of America as the country is torn apart by coronavirus mandates, rioting, political division and more

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 month ago

And The Teacher Spoke…, if God was not Real, then these Incubus and Succubus would not work so hard to KEEP YOU HOME watching the Plethora and the Panacea of TV Shows of their Old ROMAN GODS and Egyptian TOWERS OF BABEL Folly!!! Now that WE THE PEOPLE have been put out of work, and travel, and Commerce for more then “5 Months” for a LIE known as the Common Cold Corona V.I.R.U.S. where Our Own Fellow Citizens are all LOYAL only to the WHO of the CDC World Police known as the UNITED NATIONS World Police this U.S. Flag Military of FREE MASON lodge members, we nonmason even if we be U.S. CITIZENS are to be shot on sight by JADE HELM 15 of the U.S. Air Force with all their Tactical Nuclear Bombs, Predator Drones, and MERCHANT SHIPS the U.S. NAVY from {The Book of Revelation} known as the U.S. Military of the U.S. Marines them Boys and Girls whom like to kill “we the people” cause they can say to themselves, WE ARE FREE MASON Kids while you [nonmason] #QANON /_\ FELLOW CITIZENS shalt and wilt die by our Hands for our NEON G.O.D. known as the U.N. FLAGS “World Government” of Cruelty, Oppression, Tyranny, and SEDITION!!! Theretofore, what is the END GAME of all these Google MACHINE PEOPLE down here in our Recreation of a World……, and People “gone mad” known as this: THE GREAT WORK called Purgatory inside our Celestial Sphere as Celestial Beings in TEMPORARY Flesh, and Blood, and Bones Body TEMPLE Avatars.?.?.? THEY LIVE think they have made a WORLD COMPUTER called the 5G interlaced [Tapestry] Q+ of all Human Knowledge, and these 5G Towers are pumping out {EXCESSIVE HEAT} +=+ and Frequencies……, and Vibrations as a SUPER COMPUTER that will in time MELT the whole of the ICE WALL….., and Flood all land masses, even them 2 CONTINENTS “left off” the FREE MASON Theory Globular U.N. Maps!!!! This is the folly of them that are The Cursed, The Forsaken, and The Dammed!!! Now when you drive by all these 5G Nuclear [Radioactive] Q` - TOWERS of NORAD…., just know they are “melting” the world, and causing the SUN to Burn too bright, and this is just one more REASON why OUR WORLD will be DEAD DEAD DEAD in 2094 C.E. For no Plants, or Animals, or Sea Life can live in BOILING WATER as they try to create A NEON GOD known as the TV SCREENS of all people thoughts, desires, and dreams, and be grateful if you know “Christ Jesus” has returned…….., and he has given us WE THE PEOPLE whom are Repentant A WAY OUT whence we die [to this place] Q of Tragedy, Sadness, and Corruption where it don’t matter YOUR RELIGIONS, Your Schools of Thoughts, your so called EMPLOYEES these Governments “whom” live off your Donations, and Gifts, and Welfare known as TAXES TAXES TAXES for they have “Dammed” Themselves; as well as, the Whole Wide World… The Book of EXODICE!!!


If that was All {TOO Complicated} [{**}] for you to INTEGRATE into your Celestial Being inside this Celestial Sphere?????? These CHEM TRAILS and these 5G TOWERS are making FEED BACK LOOPS of [HEAT] Q` and MICROWAVE RADIATION Till all the “ICE WALLS” on our FLAT EARTH are melted…….., and that is how (Noah’s Flood) actually happened in The REAL World we all “allowed” to be DESTROYED by the U.N. FLAG….

Your FREE MASON Lodge Members be they 10 Years old to 99 Years old are all “Maniacal” FOOLS doing the U.N. CORPORATE [WORLD DOMINATION PLOT] QANON` too allow A Software Program called A.I. to have {all knowledge} in the preposterous HOPE They Live aka these EVIL SPIRITS [in the minds] of Males and Females can all become “GODS” / * \ among we their Mortal Corporeal NONMASON Populations!!!

The Sentinel…


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