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#DavidKnight HR1: Vaccines From Russia With Love? Chicago Draw Bridges, Civil War & Pork Politics

The Resistance 1776
The Resistance 1776 - 130 Views
Published on 11 Aug 2020 / In News and Politics

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 month ago

Liquid Dirt

You Puny HUMANS think you are so special when you are nothing more then the REMAINS of a Lost Civilization and A LOST WORLD known as the MUD FLOODS of Tartaria where the Chaldean, and these Phoneticians battled for the RIGHT to [own one another] /_\ rather then just live, and just share, and just take care of one another…

Heretofore, we find our selves in a A WORLD of Paradise being nothing more then THEME PARKS, and Paved Parking Lots of WE THE PEOPLE “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition with No Representation for our Taxations that do nothing more then Break the RULE of Law and Order when Murder is WRONG “all the while” WE THE PEOPLE continue to choose too do WAR IS MURDER when these U.N. FLAGS do not own us!!!

The UNITED NATIONS made the A.I. machine known as WORLD WAR ONE……., and WORLD WAR TWO where the END of TIME {never ends} / * \ cause at the end of this PROJECT BLUE BEAM (COVID19) JADE HELM 15 of Agenda 21, and Agenda 30 that REX 84 will launch all ICBM Holocaust Atoms, and drop all NUCLEAR Hydrogen Weapons on all Land Masses even them 2 Continents left off the U.N. FLAG (FLAT EARTH) World Domination Plot whence these Incubus and Succubus run back to the OTHER SIDE “of the World” in the South Pole on the Other Side of Our FLAT EARTHS in this Celestial Sphere!!!

Maybe I am not the one You’m Wanted to be “The Oracle” for the End of an Age connected to The Source of All Destruction and All Creation, but that ICBM from U.N. FLAG China that Struck U.N. FLAG mainland Lebanon shows you all FREE MASON [Lodge Members] Q` are the ones whom did this to WE THE PEOPLE too never ever {go home} whence we die, but [too always] +=+ REPEAT the END OF DAYS here in this “Compassionate” Hell forever and ever and (that means) ALL TIMES too come in these Minuet Changes of PURGATORY!!!

Johnny Exodice

Purgatory can be whatever WE THE PEOPLE want, but apparently “we the people” do not want Peace, and Harmony, and Decency, we want nothing more then FREE MASON “TV” TALKING Heads of Illusions – Disillusions – ENCHANTMENTS known as being under the SPELL of {Evil Spirits} [{*}] called Let us Entertain You!!!

The Sentinel….

Theretofore, if you wanted to HEAL the Dead Dirt from all the PAST Nuclear Hydrogen Wars, you can just make Liquid Dirt to SPRAY on any dead dirt from Las Vegas to City of Miami Beach and RESTORE our World to the Golden Age if we can ever get out of this IRON AGE!!!!

The Society of nonmason~



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