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David Knight Show FULL SHOW Wednesday 12/5/18 Breaking News Politics on Alex Jones InfoWars Network

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Published on 06 Dec 2018 / In News and Politics

David Knight Show FULL SHOW Wednesday 12/5/18 Breaking News Politics on Alex Jones InfoWars Network

Join your host David Knight on the David Knight on the InfoWars network. David Knight discusses all of the news top stories today including President Trump, France, immigration, the migrant caravan, and much much more.

Using free speech to free minds it's the David night show welcome on this Wednesday December the 5th I'm David Knight as we see the revolt against the revolting climate taxes that are being imposed arrogantly in France and of course the French government pull back in the last minute they said will delay those for six months and the leaders of the Yellow Jackets that's become the symbol of the revolt because that was not something that was required that drivers have well drivers it's required that they be able to afford to drive their cars as well and that's what these agendas are now targeting they finally realized what it looks like and so they came back and they said you're offering us crumbs we want the entire baguette french bread cake summit but they're not taking that and they said we're gonna continue with this and their big struggle right now as the leader of the movement said the big struggle is the fact this has been taken over by violent factions of the left on the right the commies and the Nazis the anti - shah people are fighting the Nazis out there they always jump into these situations whenever they sense the demonstration they see it as an opportunity to burn things and to attack people that's not the way they're going to win this and if they let these people take it over there will not be any change because that's what these people really want they don't want any change just like the black lives matter people don't want any change in the way the police interact with people that's why they've burned down their own cities these people are now burning down their own cars and protests over cars but it's not them it's the Radical factions who want to destroy the country whether they're commies or whether they're Nazis they still want to destroy the country because they can then build their dystopia on top of it and that's precisely what's going on here in America with immigration and the Democrat Party we now have the chair of the DNC Perez say these dreamer are as American as my kids or your kids and they are this is part of a strategy to burn us down economically they actually formalized it talked about it many times the liberal progressive economists Cloward and Piven back in the late 20th century they said we can destroy this country if we get people on welfare get enough people on welfare we encourage people to get onto welfare when that didn't work by the mid 2000s before the Democrats did an abrupt change I've played all of these clips for you in the past of Hillary Clinton and Obama You can find every single Democrat leader talking tougher about illegal immigration than President Trump to us today quite frankly that's one of the things that concerns me about President Trump he's not too tough he's not tough enough yeah there were people that were gassed to the border but Barack Obama did that times and it didn't make any difference we had a pregnant woman get over the border immediately have a child and now that child is an American citizen under the anchor baby rules that President Trump talks about before the election but then conveniently forgets to even talk about it after the election and so I think that the change that we see in this dark rat rhetoric in the late 1990s early 2000s and where we are today in between that time Cloward and Piven said you know we're not getting enough people on welfare to destroy this country let's bring in people from other countries as it was circulating yesterday % of those who come into the country are on welfare after they're here years it goes up to % in California it's higher than that and this is a plan to remake to destroy and then remake the country and the Democrats image that graven Idol of progressive and socialism so we're gonna talk about that we're also going to talk about Bush he is lying in Washington one final time this time his mouth is not moving he's just lying still but he has had a history that's how he got to Washington it was based on lies and we're gonna talk about Fox coming after pot as they sell the most dangerous drugs in the world pharmaceuticals that's how they make their money welcome on this Wednesday December the 5th I'm David Knight your host today most of establishment Washington is wringing their hands of the death of George HW Bush

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