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The Resistance 1776
The Resistance 1776 - 277 Views
Published on 02 Jan 2020 / In News and Politics

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 9 months ago

You keep wandering when PROJECT BLUE BEAM will do down inside our Celestial Sphere FLAT EARTH Plain??? Have you not watch the MUD FLOOD Videos where we know they used PROJECT BLUE BEAM in 1853 to Coverup the Great Nuclear Hydrogen War that many seem to say it was done at WORLD WAR ZERO in 1812 A.D. or 1812 C.E. or what ever that date would be that we are now in 8,002 T.L. aka TIME LINE… Now as you watch this Production of Trumps SPACE FORCE and now The 1st Space Port to Welcome the INVADERS from them 2 Continents left off our WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition FLAT EARTH Maps, you can be sure once America Invades IRAN and then FREE MASON in Homeland Security drop Nuclear Bombs on Seattle Washington on 11 – 03 – 2020 that deagel dot com tell you by the year 2025 T.L. NORTH KOREA will be no more as a complete WIPE of the land mass will happen by way of Hydrogen Weapons of the MADE IN CHINA U.S. Flag Military Decimates that location of nonmason once and for all, and Hong Kong and Taiwan will be PROPERTY of China once and for all… Then the GREAT NUCLEAR HYDROGEN WAR will take place again, but this time when it is all done, the Children will be put into WORK CAMPS and their Parents into RED FLAG LAW Asylums worse then the Bat Man ones, and then when all Older People of 21 are dead and gone and removed the NEW KIDS on The Block of 8 years old and younger will be raised to think we now LIVE ON MARS, that Aliens have taken over the World when they just FREE MASON Fucks and Cucks and Slags and Pukes using this PROJECT BLUE BEAM to declare themselves as V from that old 2001 Space Odyssey where imagine that PEOPLE whom look just like you and me came from PLANET X and after the RESET anyone with FLAT EARTH or even just Celestial Sphere Knowledge will be hunted into Extinction, só STUDY Their FAKE SPACE Agenda cause they might even try to make FAKE SPACE work with a FLAT EARTH model, but those whom know WE ARE Celestial Beings living inside our Celestial Sphere in our Temporary Temporal Corporeal Bodies shall have OUR HEAD CUT OFF just as in Alice in Wonderland at all the Mastering of The Human Domain by U.N. Troops known as G4S aka JADE HELM 15 in all of these só called 10,000 Trump MENTAL WARDS aka Detention CONCENTRATION FEMA Death Camps… The Oracle for The End of An Age connected to The Source of All Creation has spoken…


PROJECT BLUE BEAM is all these 5G Cell Towers that are actually Holographic Frequency and Vibration Military Weapons to Project Holographic Images to pull off the FAKE ALIEN INVASION by the United Nations INTERNATIONAL MAFIA of freemason lodges, and their CORPORATIONS… The Commander~ [///|||\\\]

To learn more about who you really are, where you live, and what has been done to WIPE you memories get yourself a MeWe Dot Com account and then check out my Johnny Exodice Home World Page!!! Q+ The Pen` and The Grey Coats of the Green Gloves….

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