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The Resistance 1776
The Resistance 1776 - 164 Views
Published on 14 Jan 2020 / In News and Politics

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 5 months ago

And The Teacher Spoke…, I am a simulation living in A SIMULATION!!! When is the last time you had a dream where you could fly in your Dream just like Super Girl or Super Man??? Moreover, have you ever considered YOUR DREAMS could not happen unless you are in a Holographic “3D Hologram” Virtual Reality??? That said, why must our dreams “be broken up” and distorted if all we have to do is TURN OFF The EDISON in Santa Barbara CALIFORNIA USA……., and we can all be RESTORED our Magical Powers like “The Christ” Jesus Mohammed Buddha when we Wake Up in this PURGATORIUM??? I have pondered much…..., and I do not think a BATTLE STAR GALATICA Ending in this Celestial Sphere of Sacred Geometry Concentric Circles need be the way WE ALWAYS play this “ALL THE WORLD IS A STAGE” Video Game… For you see….., I do not have bad dreams…., my dreams “are at peace” and content…., and to dream of FLYING once again “well for me” that is telling me WE CAN fly out here in the REAL SIMULATION if we just put an end to The Racka and hang Strong with the Pak-Toe!!! Whoever started any war does not matter to me cause YOU ARE NOT your Race..., Your Flag.., Your National I.D., YOU are THE PERSON!!! You are not a CORPORATION for that is an Artificial Person, and do you feel like a FAKE???? THEN STOP ACTING “Like a fake” personality, and become “The Real Person” be you GOOD…….., or evil…. Considering we have been doing this “Minuet Dance” over and over cause one or maybe just a few say: WE MUST HAVE STOCK MARKETS!!! WE MUST HAVE WAR!!! WE MUST DO HARM is not what I or my people SAY!!!! Not only that, but we “nonmason” know lying, and deceiving, and manipulations OF others is a WASTE OF TIME… Is it not better and simpler and easier to JUST BE HONEST….?, and fess up that Our Ancestors FUCKED UP!!! You have “no need” to keep living the LIES you tell……... What will happen when WE ALL learn the TRUTH??? We will move on…., and we will heal…., and yeah, there will be those whom want VENGEANCE, but there is nothing in OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION that says: Our Personal “CONSTITUTIONS” are now Null and Void, and I would rather work with the worst people and the worst persons, and let them live if they have found RECONSIDERATION… This place is our HOME WORLD…., and I do not want to turn it into a DEAD Celestial Sphere that looks just like that DEAD LIGHT of OUR 3D Holographic Moon in the Sky…., and if the Other Side of “FLAT EARTH” is all machine, and it is in disrepair, then let us all go to the OTHER SIDE of the world through our HOLLOW EARTH to the Other World of HADES and Hell and THE WORLD OF THE DEAD and fix it!!! We all have been living under the LIES of the 1D inks on 2D papers in 3D Books “that eventually” became FAKE RADIO and FAKE TV SHOWS, and does not OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION say WE Have “The Right” to Exist??? I think it does…., and I wrote it god dammit!!! Therefore, CONSIDER [YOUR DREAMS] for they are every life you have ever lived here… Do you want to go home??? If you really want to live FOREVER…., then the EDISON in Santa Barbara CALIFORNIA USA must be turned off…., and I am certain all our STORIES before the GREAT NUCLEAR HYDROGEN WAR of 1853 to 1854 are there to be watched, or if we só choose LIVED in a Video GAME called A PLACE CALLED PLANET EARTH…. All is choice, and we the people have REMEMBERED we are all “immortal immaterial” CELESTIAL BEINGS playing a Video Game of a time when Celestial Beings tried to wipe out everything to see what would happen??? Either EVERYTHING Exist, or Nothing Does {is what} would have happened…. There are no Gods above or below you…., there is “this life” and there is saying ENOUGH with the ORABORUS CURSE of De-Ja-Vu... Finally, let us say I AM {The Christ} Chosen by “The Source” of ALL CREATION to become this G.O.D. you FREE MASON INTERNATIONALIST só seek??? Do you think } will have mercy and compassion “on you” when you lock the DOORS to the POOR, you send OUR CHILDREN off to WARS, and we all know “Too KILL” for any reason is MURDER????? The collective did well “to choose me” to be OUR SAVIOR, but you whom do Racka, and HURT we whom are Pak-Toe [must by now see] +=+ the Writing on The WALL…., and YOUR “Memory Wipes” White Washed WALLS do not take away the MEMORY that FREE MASON LODGES will Turn Against FREE MASON Lodges… The Oracle for the End of An AGE connected to The Source of All Creation has spoken… The Book of EXODICE!!!

P.S. Too all you FREE MASON INTERNATIONALIST Whom lie and lie, do you ever even LISTEN to your self??? WE know everything is faked even the Likes and Thumbs up BULL SHIT on these Socialite Social Media Websites!!!!


NO MATTER your Nations or Flags or So Called RACES!!! Everyone on TV is a FREE MASON LIAR as well as the Majority of You TUBE Channels "even the" só called RESISTORS!!! Time to put a Cap in their asses…., and Explode their Diodes!!!


All the monies you give to these Charities go to none but the Wicked!!! After Billions and Billions of Dollars HAITI should look like a Saudi Arabian Kingdom, but it is still Empty Dirt Poor??? What of all “Your GIFTS” [{**}] and DONATIONS to all these TV Preachers??? Why are not the Homeless in HOMES BY NOW of 70 {fucking years} of Church Tithes???? And alas……. You whom pay [TAXES and TAXES] [{*}] should not “all things” be free if WE THE PEOPLE are THE GOVERNMENT??? But what do these CORPORATION FLAGS in your lands do, use your money to have C.O.P.S. and your own Military do “PUBLIC EXECUTIONS” cause the people you vote for are all FREE MASON Lodge Members…., and you {my nonmason} have been SCREWED for a Very Very Very long time by all these SO CALLED Nobility Donald Trump to the Popes Whore that Queen of a ROYAL FAMILY??? Does not “your family” matter to you??? Then why do “YOU” allow THE ROYALS to take {all your money} in Taxes and Tribute and send you off to DIE in WARS you do not agree with from IRAN to Brazil to any-land that belongs to OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION COALITION???

WILL YOU MY nonmason and [Freed Masons] CONTINUE to allow YOUR GOVERNMENTS to keep killing and destroying and “STORY TELLING” while mame-ing we the people "when we" can SHUT IT ALL DOWN???? Just know these people on TV are all SLAVES to the Zionist Jesuit Illuminati and “FREE MASON “are their G4S Handlers…., as we all know how "they murdered" Whitney Houston HOLDING HER FACE DOWN in that bathtub as {they ripped her leg out} / * \ of her hip socket dying a most Brutal Death….




My Body is “MY MACHINE” Muther Fuckers!!!!


P.S. When I grow up? I wanna be JUST LIKE ME!!!! I may not be Perfect, but I AM PERFECTLY ME!!! Johnny Exodice and Jeppo Jinx~



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