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DARK3063's INDIE SHOWCASE (38) [It moves]

DarkTheNoble - 83 Views
Published on 27 Mar 2019 / In Gaming


It Moves is a horror game that will try to scare you without too many of the typical "screamers", instead relying on atmosphere and suspense. You'll be solving puzzles along the way, and encountering all manner of not-so-friendly creatures.
Short story overview:
Bedtime is supposed to be a happy event for a tired child; for this child it was terrifying. While some children might complain about being put to bed before they have finished watching a film or playing their favourite video game, when he was a child, night time was something to truly fear. A fear which in his life, I’m glad to say, has never been equalled. This story will relate it to you all now. The apprehension towards falling asleep in that small, narrow, yet oddly elongated room.

Based on a short story by Michael Whitehouse.

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