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DANGER!- CONTACT Tracing FORCED ON Your Phone! How To Block It + Andriod iOS Auto Updates Covid-19

Arrow Durfee
Arrow Durfee - 7,102 Views
Published on 25 May 2020 / In News and Politics

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It's important to use the VPN, so it hides your IP address, changes it to what ever country you wish, and also encrypts both incoming and outgoing data for your phone data, wifi , bluetooth & ethernet connections. It secures you at public wifi, and also unblocks any pages you can visit through the public wifi, bypassing their blocking. It can also be used to get American Netflix in Canada, or hide from your ISP and EVERYONE including hackers, advertisers, corporations and governments.

Bill Gates owns patents on Coronaviruses , the vaccines, AND the Contact Tracing Software to track every single Human on the planet with 5jee .

Bill gates is the most dangerous threat to our existence we might ever face, and by monopolizing the Health industry the way he did with the computer industry, no part of our lives are safe. We are in a great deal of danger dealing with this new Contact Tracing Software and apps forced onto phones. Some people are just foolish enough to download them because the government said so ! DO NOT listen to your phone tell you if you are healthy or not. that is INSANE, but it's what they are working for with Bill Gates and the United Nations. We must stop them ! but for now.... PROTECT YOURSELF ONLINE with the VPN I show in the video. Please use my link to get the free two months, best deal AND support my channel.


Thanks for watching.
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ferallite 1 month ago

Thanks for the info, I just blocked it on my phone! I'm going to get the VPN now and will share you video ?

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