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Curse Of A Graham: The Come Up

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Published on 09 Mar 2019 / In Music

In early 2007, when Yokas Boslarelli was barely 18, he was already being courted by numerous music-biz types. Later that year, brandishing beats with writting skills and a sound never heard before, the clean cut-haired started writting his own music after Emerging in a few Talent Competitions, one being at a local hospital. before holding a internet name, Yokas was soon hailed as the voice of his age

"curse of a graham" is a small commonplace in the ears of some. super catchy, though. listeners of this upload could flow thru tunes and sermons, not wrongly only reasonably, if the melody is heard nicked from a song that they used to know.

this sound can further blur the lines between Yokas and any number of would-be soulful voices, putting him where there’s promise, but not to be confused.

from our current reality comes the 5th album "Curse Of A Graham" produced in 2014 by Yokas Boslarelli and made in 2019 under Our Current Reality

download link: https://onewitness.bandcamp.com/track/the-come-up

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