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Criminals for Christ: Are You Willing?

Its Inside
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Published on 13 Jan 2020 / In Film and Animation

As Christians we are instructed to be subject to governing authorities, but we are also taught to obey God, not man (Romans 13:1, Acts 5:29). How do we reconcile this apparent contradiction?

Church goers are taught to be in submission to government authorities and to obey the law of the land. Christians breaking the law is unthinkable for many church going people today. However, what happens when the governing authorities require one to disobey God? Such seems to be the case in totalitarian regimes such as Russia and China.

True followers of Christ will become increasingly marginalized as the system heads towards a one world government, controlled by a universal monetalary and identification system (the Mark of the Beast). This video give practical information on learning how to obey God above man, without falling into needless rebellion against authority.

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