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covid isolation/quarantine camps in process for Canada for Spring 2021 (internment sites)

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Published on 13 Oct 2020 / In Non-profits and Activism

This disturbing news story has over 11,000 views on YouTube as of October 2020. Another version has 30,000 views. Both require a lot more. Share this everywhere! WWG1WGA. Notice how the Premier did not even answer anything that was ACTUALLY asked of him regarding these 'sites' to isolate thousands, according to their own document. IF these sites are indeed harmless WHY is the Premier speaking his way out of answering a couple of simple questions? What do they not want the public to know?

Document Link "Request for Information Regarding Service Provider(s) for Federal Quarantine / Isolation Sites for the Government of Canada":

Link to Original Video by Randy Hillier:

Independent Member for Lanark-Frontenac-Kingston. True believer of Freedom, Justice and Democracy:
"The Premier has been actively dodging my questions since July. Today was just another example of the new status quo in Queen’s Park, no response. After this exchange I’m not even sure if the Premier and his Cabinet know what's going on regarding the Federal government considering the expansion of isolation/quarantine facilities from coast to coast.

The language in the RFI is overly broad and ambiguous, and we ought to have clarification on the purpose of these isolation/quarantine facilities. I asked clear and precise questions about the Federal government's tendering for “isolation/quarantine camps” in Ontario. Where will they be, how many will there be, and how many people will be housed?

The Government House Leader suggests these are for “international travellers”, however the RFP says “public health and other related federal requirements associated with the COVID-19 pandemic response.” My question on the purpose was cut short and once again the government refused to give an answer. Why won't they answer? It seems to me they aren't even aware of these proposals."

Article on this topic by LifeSiteNews: https://www.lifesitenews.com/n....ews/politician-raise

Canadian Military ORDERED 36K UNITS OF TEAR GAS & Are Setting Up ISOLATION CAMPS for Spring of 2021:

Coincides with the economic reset that the World Economic Forum (thinktank of the economic cartel) has planned for spring 2021...now we have more concrete proof / evidence on what they are preparing for..."Riots"...So, are the riots going to be from the backlash of some sort of totalitarian legislation? Riots due to the consequences from an economic crash and or reset? or Riots due to something like forced vaccinations? ...policing the Canadian public is no longer in the sole responsibility of the police...it's going to be a long winter –

Document Calling for Procurement by Canadian Government of 36,000 Riot Control Agent (W8486-195737/A)---(Tear Gas)for the Canadian Military:

Aside from the addition of the LifeSiteNews article and the first paragraph, I have copied the above text from this YouTube uploader: https://www.youtube.com/channe....l/UCtEwhoqAJfJRCSAB7
Thanks brother! We all work to spread the word!

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