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Could a “New Civil War” Erupt in Iraq as U.S. and Iran Fight for Influence in the Country?

Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice - 73 Views
Published on 02 Jan 2020 / In Film and Animation

In Iraq, Iran-backed militia members withdrew from the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad’s heavily guarded Green Zone on Wednesday after being tear-gassed by American security forces. Their withdrawal ended a tense standoff that began Tuesday when militia members broke through the embassy’s reception area chanting “Death to America” while thousands rallied outside to protest a slew of U.S. airstrikes in Iraq and Syria that killed at least 24 members of the Iranian-backed militia Kata’ib Hezbollah. The U.S. airstrikes came after an American contractor was killed in a rocket attack in Kirkuk, Iraq, Friday. The embassy withdrawal was ordered by militia leaders, who said they agreed to leave after Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi pledged to pursue legislation to force U.S. troops out of Iraq. We speak with Ghaith Abdul-Ahad, a correspondent for The Guardian newspaper.


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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 9 months ago

And The Teacher Spoke… You seem to think because The Oracle for the End of An Age says we are in PURGATORY that you have {no Responsibility to tell others} of our Plight……., as we now have Physical Proof that it has started with The Ripping of our Skies…..., and As La La [That Little Girl] +=+ whom saves the world Guides The Moon {to Close the holes} in The FIRMAMENT made by these GOLEM….., we do not tear down…., shoot..., or [Blow Up the 5 G] / * \ Death Ray Towers that are being used {to Crack and Shatter} [{**}] the Dome of The Rock…, and OUR Celestial Sphere “Crystal” Mother Heaven??? You must [never forget my nonmason] [{*}] that you are Human while your enemy is these {FREE MASON Lodges} that have Records going back to 1893 after the great endeavor to RECOVER our Home World [from the LAST Sky Fall] and Sky Attack.., and yes., maybe that Great Nuclear Hydrogen WAR {will happen again} and AGAIN cause we continue to contend with De-Ja-Vu that means [our Dreams] are not our Dreams, but just reflections and refractions of Past and Present and Future {Lifes ALREADY Lived} in this ORABORUS CURSE [of the Snake] Eating its Tail… So much wonder, só much to contemplate, and we do know in these Days of Noah…., no one did one god dammed thing to STOP the event, and we can see THE FLOOD comes again and again as History and Her-story and OUR STORY REPEAT – REPEAT – REPEAT…., and YOU’M {have been condemn} to The World of The Dead here in this SIMULATION Construct {of Heaven and Hell} as Hades continues to play WAR GAMES till we the Human FLESH and BLOOD and BONES are all eradicated…., and if that were to come to pass…., then maybe this SPECIES {The GOLEM] could finally Destroy our Celestial Sphere Home World, and REVELATION 8 [would finally shatter} the Illusion of our Holographic Hologram HOLLOW WOOD TV SET LIVES??? Once you know the Bible is Not Prophecy..., but just a MEMORY we have all lived and [keep reliving] cause we Do Not Rise…., and take back our Nations Governments, and Military, and Companies, and RELIGIONS from the RED DRAGON of the Academies of {Made In China} U.S. FLAGS…., then we are destined to Relive our lives [the same lives] we have lived over and over cause we are still Repeating the Dance and Minuet of FORGETFULNESS…., and {not one} wants to REMEMBER whom they are as many study MUD FLOODS and FLAT EARTH and só many other {Stolen Lives} we once lived…., each time we REPEAT, we do not Go Home…., and each time [THEY LIVE] Shatter the Sky, we end up screaming THE SKY IS FALLING!!! Yet and Alas…., a Curse is a Curse, and I am just The Christ Jesus Returned to be Put on The Cross [once more] cause you will not SAVE ME!!! You keep saying to one another, He Will Manifest Soon…., and Metamorphosis into The GOD???.., you know them Stories are all Made Up [Ink on Paper stories] in the Book of Knowledge, and what happens each time we keep saying, let us WAIT AND SEE???? The Pyramid Weapons {RIPP open the SKY} just as The Milkey Way SCAR that RIFF in The DOME is seen by all…., and the MOON IS Shot Dead, só she can no longer REPAIR our Celestial Sphere…., and The CATACLYSM Repeats [for eternity] and all time, and forever and ever, and yet, you could STOP it this time…., but you must Not STAY CALM, you must Break Shit, and Kill Monsters, Demons, Devils, and all the other Racka, or we of Pak-Toe can not take you home…., and only we whom got the Real {Holy Water Spirit} are pulled out… You can either REVOLT…., so Pop Their RESISTORS, and Diodes, and Capacitors, and Transformers, or we Biological will remain [Trapped in The PURGATORIUM] where Mud Floods and REPEATED Lived we have already lived in This SIMULATION [will happen} every 200 years…., and we will get to this point over and over, and THEY your loved ones just will not listen, or WAKE UP…., and They will stand lost, and lose all hope of ever going home for THE GOLEM Still own Them as A Slave…. Your loved ones [must begin to see] in The Spirits of our ESOTERIC Sight and GIVE UP {their Materialistic Hold} onto this Temporary Physical Corporeal Lives [we all live an die] over and over and over, or The NEW TESTAMENT [shall never come to pass} for them…..., and they will {never be allowed] to come home once we leave here……, where one will be Standing, and one will be REMOVED... The Oracle for the End of An Age connected to The Source of All Creation has spoken… The Book of EXODICE!!!


Finally…, We who see, will see more…., and they {whom cannot} or will not [shall see] less and less till JUPITER TURNS RED….., and it all goes down… Jeppo Jinx~

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