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Coronavirus outbreak: Olympic flame gets muted welcome in Japan

Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice - 139 Views
Published on 20 Mar 2020 / In Film and Animation

Coronavirus outbreak: Olympic flame gets muted welcome in Japan

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 4 months ago

Teacher…, what is going on that no one “will confront this” NEW WORLD ORDER lie of “COVID 19” and that Gangs of Bikers………, and Thugs like [Mad Max] / * \ will be going to small towns to mega cities…….., and doing {mass shootings} +=+ of we the people as our Police have all left work for the DECEPTION “of this” [{**}] UNITED NATIONS W.H.O. Corona Beer “Kobe Bryant” Burger Basket Case Bat Snake Bull Shit!!!! You my “nonmason” Populations are too call A Gathering now to your Town Halls before “they turn off” [{*}] the INTERNET to your Small Towns……., and Mega Cities…..., and say: I need you to step up to “fill the Position” of Police Chief….., I need you to be Acting Mayor…., and I need you the New “nonmason” Marshall to DEPUTIZE all in our County to prepare for U.N. Troops and U.S. Military “Personnel” whom will be the Demolay, Jobs Daughters, Rainbow Girls, Shriners, Easter Star, FREE MASON and all these other “COWARDS” and Crises Actors whom plan to use their Guns and Weapons “on we the people” of nonmason decent…., and take control of the “PENTAGON Weapons” given to your Local Police Departments!!! REMEMBER, they live are the FREE MASON, this Fake azz “Stock Market Crash” that is being done by the FREE MASON Lodges in our home towns..., and them FREE MASON Run all Military as Generals..., and High Ranking Officials... I mean?.?.?.?, do you not find it at lease “a little Suspect” that not one NATION does not say: The United States, Russia, France, China, and the U.K. have been “Faking Space” all Along???? Not one` from IRAN to North Korea.., and are you telling me they “are too stupid” to know we live in a FLAT EARTH Celestial Sphere “System” when we have had years to come to “conclusion” on this matter??? They are all in on it` no matter what nation from Brazil to Canada., and you let “these people live” when they have stolen your MONEY??? They have sent you and “your children” to War after War since the 1893 “Incubator Babies” whom became the first victims of WORLD WAR ONE in “1915 A.D.” where the MUD FLOODS had yet to bring life back to our Home World of Purgatory??? Do tell me “why no one “in your Country to Local County RADIO does not speak up and say this VIRUS is not Real.?.?.?.?, it is all a WAR OF THE WORLDS “Radio Sham” just like they did that “War of The Worlds” on the Radio Show back in the 1930’s!!!! It is their tack tick as evil Spirits, that they must TRICK OR TREAT us into “harming and killing” one another…., so if the TV Youtubbers Say: Gangs of Mobs are killing people, and you “fall for this Trick” too give up your Guns for their Treat…., then from Australia to Europe to even we “of and for” OUR 50 STATES FOR AMERICA will all “be rounded up” by U.N. Troops in our U.S. Military and Local Police Uniforms to be disarmed!!! Either you go to town “and gather” as a people, and say: For too long the Trumps and Putin's and Xi and “all the rest” have lived off our WELFARE known as Taxes…. Since Trump and Putin and Xi “are to be” THE GOVERNED by “we the people” Their GOVERNMENT, then this lie ends now….., and if you think “we will wait” for your FREE MASON MEDIA to say Marauders “are taking all” too cause mass hysteria…..., then it is time “for all lands” of and for OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition to Replace all “FREE MASON” in the Military – Religions – Governments!!!! The Book of EXODICE!!!


Orson Welles War of the Worlds “Radio Show” is all these FREE MASON Slaves are doing cause they are 1/3rd of each and every “U.N. FLAGS” Nations as Crises “Actors” from India to Pakistan, from France to Bangladesh, from California to New York City!!! This is all a “Con Job” and you my nonmason populations can put an end to it “right now” for are not your Brothers and Sisters, Sons and Daughters, Mothers and Fathers “in the” U.S. Flag Military, your State National Guards, Your Local Police Departments “even them” fucking G4S Types????


In all this, know “they will” still try and do PROJECT BLUE BEAM as a “New Version” of A Faked Alien Invasion just as this RADIO SHOW {freaked people out} +=+ whom did not know it was a drama….


THERE IS NO LACK OF ANYTHING!!! WE have not had time to run out of food…. Stand Firm…

The Society of nonmason~


These “OLYMPICS” are their FREE MASON INTERNATIONALIST Bull Shit….., and we don’t see them Practicing “Social Distancing” as these people live off of our “Welfare” known as Tithing – Taxing Tributes!!!! Traitors “are they all” doing High Treason while “Participating” in World Wide SEDITION!!!

The Commander~


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