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Coronavirus Outbreak: Households in China Sealed off in Order to Forcibly Quarantine People

Patrick Chesbro
Patrick Chesbro - 118 Views
Published on 22 Feb 2020 / In Film and Animation

#Coronavirus #Wuhan #Epochtimes
Location: Xiaogan City, Hubei Province

Narrator: Look, look, he is sealing a building now.
Every building is like this, all are sealed like this.
You probably thought it happened to one household only.
Actually all households are sealed like this. Have you seen it?
Every household is sealed.
Residents inside won’t be able to get out. Now take a look at the buildings across the street.
Did you see that?
All sealed as well.
No household is spared.
All the seals are nailed down and secured.
There is no way they can get out.How can they get out?
The outbreak is too serious, you know.
If we do not adopt this method, the outbreak cannot be controlled in Xiaogan.
Look… Look… I will stop going further.
My legs hurt from this long walk.
Anyway, all households here are sealed.

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