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Coronavirus Death Comparasons, ft Gerald Celente,

Peace Terrorist
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Published on 04 Apr 2020 / In News and Politics

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Politicians Killing Economy. Democracy Dead

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

All Life is SENTIENT…

You thought you were the only thinking feeling emotional SPECIES in this Realm??? Have you not looked at the Trees whom come and go from Winter to Spring from Fall too Summer??? In this Realm known as Our Celestial Sphere Home World of Purgatory, we are the only creatures that fight except for Insect Kingdoms; otherwise, From Snakes to Lizards, From Birds to Bats, from Animals to Mammals the SEA LIFE does not harm one another or WAR with one another unless a Creature gets Possessed or Oppressed by EVIL LUNATIC SPIRITS!!!! That said, it has come to my attention as the King of Angels and Demons that The Evil Spirits are going to work with WE ARE, and what is that WE ARE that the Great Teacher and Commander Speaks of??? Think this through, God can not be I AM for that is a SINGULAR Being be it Male or Female, but we know from Observations of all life that nothing can REPRODUCE itself unless the opposite Sexes procreate!!!

How long have you been home now under the W.H.O. NEW WORLD ORDER by the United Nations INTERNATIONAL MAFIA of freemason lodges whom run our Town Halls to our City Centers???? As you sit outside watching the Bubble Bees Wrestle, and the Dragon Flies Play, do you not see that these creatures know what they are doing be it a SENTINEL for their people??? After all, why is it only we THE HUMAN Mammal Animals CHOOSE to kill one another with weapons unless we are taken over body – mind – soul by DEMONIC ENTITIES, and what do our World Leaders and the OTO Kabballa Zohar TALMUD Zionist Jesuits aka FREE MASON WORSHIP??? They worship the God of Death known in the Bible as the Master of HADES!!! And do not these FREE MASON Live in a SYSTEM and ESTABLISHMENT of Checks and Balances, Stockades and Bondage known as Their MASTER SLAVE Mental Sickness where “Ink on Paper” DOLLARS are more important then we the human populations???

You have all LOST your jobs, your communities, your ability to hold hands and touch and kiss and dance as groups, and for what.?.?.?.?.? A WORD called “COVID 19” that is this COMET ATLAS growing in the Firmament of our DOME OF THE ROCK??? How long have you given MONEY to your GOVERNMENTS – RELIGIONS – SCHOOL OF THOUGHT……., and too know` they lie about everything from FAKE SPACE to Fake DNA to we can now be confident with the MUD FLOODS that our story of the past lives we all have lived are not what they present on the TV SCREENS, the Hollow Wood Movies, them Science Fiction for SCIENCE IS A FICTION!!!! You say you believe in the Great Spirit, and the Creators of all things, then why do you deny the Plants do not feel what is happening as this 5G WEAPON from the Abyss is just an old EXPERIMENT that does not work as they try to use Electronic Mechanization to do EUGENICS to we all???

It is apparent to anyone whom is not possessed or oppressed by a Crazy Insane LUNATIC Spirit in their minds and thoughts that the GOVERNMENTS of these U.N. FLAGS are going to use our own Police and Military to kill all we nonmason and even them Useful Idiots the FREE MASON when 5G Goes Nuclear!!!! It is for this reason we The Society of nonmason made OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition, and if we wish to live on, then we must kill and destroy all Vaccines and INJECTIONS that will have Part B to the PART A they have Chem Trail Sprayed into our LUNGS of all lands “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition…. You know “whom attends” them FREE MASON Lodges where you live, so is it not time to say “to them” they are all Guilty of SEDITION – High Treason, and Traitors too all LIFE??? For you are not a CORPORATION, you “my person” are a FLESH and BLOOD and BONES Celestial Being of proportional measures….

Johnny Exodice


REMEMBER YOU ARE THE GOVERNMENT, and these people be they a President – Parliament – Congress – Senate are all FREE MASON and they live off YOUR WELFARE called TAXES!!!!!

The Commander~


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