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Coronavirus (Covid-19) Newspaper headlines (UK) - BBC News - 4th April 2020

Mr wane
Mr wane - 147 Views
Published on 04 Apr 2020 / In Film and Animation

Some newspaper headlines at breakfast time GMT (UTC +1)), in the UK.

1) John Hopkins world map (real time stats and clickable map features):

2) There is now a Coronavirus (Covid-19) playlist on this channel:

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

There is a Shit Load of FEAR PORN out there, but Think about this Logically???? COWS do not have COVID 19 nor Pigs or Goats or even Chickens???? Yet only we THE HUMAN Warm Blooded Animals have the COVID 19 and Wal-MART is going to close all their GARDEN CENTERS and Destroy the Plants and Seeds.?.?.?.?, and then Farmers who “have the feed” can’t just let the Animals be for the next “30 days” that is IF THEY ARE NOT IN ON IT???? JADE HELM 15 is a Cover for PROJECT BLUE BEAM that is a cover for MASS EXTINCTION “of we” the HUMAN POPULATION by People Possessed and “Oppressed” by EVIL WICKED LUNATIC SPIRITS in their Minds!!!!


It is time to [Re-Open] our TOWNS, and any C.O.P.S. or G4S or Military to National Guards too Mayor – City Counsels – School Boards – Judges – Marshall's whom DO NOT WANT us to do CONVOYS to “feed one another” city to city and town to town and province to province, YOU THE PEOPLE whom they work for, YOU PUT THEM {IN THE PRISONS} AND JAILS, and offer FREEDOM to all Citizens in all Jails and Prisons whom “want to help” PROTECT LIFE and fight these U.N. TROOPS, so we can have OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition Replace these “Fantasist” of this UNITED NATIONS mass Hysteria TV SHOW known as WAR OF THE WORLDS back in 1933 when these peoples PARENTS “starved us” in the Faked Depression of 1929, and Killed all our “Crops and Animals” just as they are doing right now….

The Society of nommason “are you” +=+ whom will step up and take the roles of Mayor, Protector, ENFORCER, and hand out the Weapons from “YOUR” POLICE STATION Armories to all YOUR Citizens….., and then, tell all those Loyal to this {FREE MASON} ACT OF 1871 “U.S. FLAG” and all connected, or working with the CDC “W.H.O.” INTERNATIONAL MAFIA to get the Hell “out of” YOUR NATIONS!!!!

Do not FEAR these people` for the “Spirits” will enter you too help you “find” your Abilities!!!

Trust in the Spirits……..

P.S. Even if this “Disease” was real……., you would not SHUT DOWN THE WORLD!!!!

The Commander~


END TO THE NEW WORLD ORDER!!! Updates are at mewe.com and UGETube.com >>> Johnny Exodice

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