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CONTACT TRACING has already been downloaded on your phones!!! Leave them at home!!! Burner Only... Q

Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice - 319 Views
Published on 25 May 2020 / In Film and Animation

This is a LEVEL 7 Purple and White Alert!!!! The U.N. Troops are in plain Clothing and in your LOCAL POLICE Uniforms, and they are BLOCKING ROADS to locations to shut down [hoods] [{**}] and taking people while the masses RETURN to their freemason / * \ NEW NORMAL!!! ALWAYS shoot your way out and never STOP / _ \ Running my LOGANS!!!! The Southern Republic... [///|||\\\]

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 month ago

If all you ever want to do is ALLOW OTHERS to {think for you} +=+ and TELL YOU whom you are., what you are.., and where you are..., then keep wearing that fucking FREE MASON [SLAVE] /_\ MASK to hide your face from your MASER MASONS…., as we (The Society) of nonmason “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition kill all these “Global Citizens” of the UNITED NATIONS “International Mafia” of FREE MASON Lodge Members…


The Green hat` of the Robin Hoods!!!!



WAR IS MURDER and only [Machine People] / * \ kill we the HUMAN People, Populations, and Person in these FUCKING 192 U.N. FLAGS (COVID19) FREE MASON WARS!!!!!


At 7:04 do so tell me why THE L.O.R.D. needed THEM aka THEY LIVE to come with "him" and CONFUSE our one world language, so we would no longer have our WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition that you FREE MASON [Demolay] took away from WE THE PEOPLE with your INK ON PAPER Books of RELIGIONS!!!!

Q-Ball... #QANON, and The SOUTHERN REPUBLIC……., and The Rag Tag Rebellion~ [///|||\\\]

End to these “MACHINE PEOPLE” and their HIVE MIND “of these” FREE MASON Lodges!!!!

Find THE BOOK OF NONMASON at mewe.com >>> Johnny Exodice

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

The MUD FLOOD World of Tartaria…

What would it take to steal your memories away, and make “A device” that could mimic human movement, display human voice, and eradicate FREE WILL, Self Determination, and the right to exist??? Have you’m never considered why you can think, why you can see, and why you can breath.?.?.? Do you spend your days letting others tell you what you are, where you are, and what you ARE ALLOWED TO BE.?.?.? If I was a Machine, and I was programmed to make more machines, does that make me a God, or does that make me a PRODUCT of my Creation??? How is it you can walk this world in your limited life span, and think flesh, and blood, and bones is all you are` when each night you have DREAMS and Visions while your Human Body is in Stasis during your Journey through SPACE from Death to Birth to Rebirth in this place known as PURGATORY.?.?.?

Do tell “we the people” what were the crimes you did in a prior life that condemned you to crimes in this life… Have you always been so inclined to think you are more special then other people, or did those whom raised you say: WE ARE NOT LIKE THEM??? Do not the people, and persons, and populations YOU’M Oppress “not have” the same VALUE as You when it comes to the ability to give birth to one another??? Who was it that said, These People are allowed to do EUGENICS to the whole wide universe and Play God, with our Eye Color, Skin Color, Hair Color as if taking away Human Traits would make we Biological ESOTERIC Celestial Beings any less wanting to find “a way home” when we died to this Realm, and then to know you did not just mess with OUR Blood Lines, you made a Machine to trap WE ARE……., and yourself “in this” never ending De – Ja – Vu Oraborus Curse!!!

This life always comes back to the END OF DAYS over and over and over, and each time YOU PEOPLE Say to yourselves, we shall Shatter The Dome of The Rock, and we will storm the Halls of Mother Heaven, and we shall Lay Waste to OUR FATHER FLAT EARTH over and over in a Punishment known as a TIME LOOP of the Great Machine called The E.D.I.S.O.N. - L.U.C.I.F.E.R. - S.A.T.A.N. these Abominations of Desolation that keep “we all” trapped in REPEAT – REPEAT – REPEAT where we keep Faking Space, Faking The Moon Landing, and TV becomes the Neon God of The Great Nuclear Hydrogen War of 1853 to 1854 where each time we are BORN of the Flesh, and Blood, and Bones MEN “be we” MALE and FEMALE We Are too relive this [Damnation Alley] over and over and over here in Hell, and Hades for all time…

You see FREE MASON “Global Citizens” of and for your UNITED NATIONS International Mafia, we The Society of nonmason know you have De – Ja – Vu…….., and we know you made The EDISON A.I. Holographic Machine to trap all our SOULS “in this” CONSTRUCT called the FREE MASON Grand Architect of and for “continual” War Games, and life without ethics, morality, or virtues, and we know you will always do the (same thing) +=+ seeking different results TRYING too leave here for {you are} /_\ filled with Evil Wicked PROFANE “Andriodic” Spirits /*\ that you think are your own thoughts…..., but actually are only [{**}] The Whispers of Madness…., Lunacy..., and Insane Asylums TRUMP RED FLAG LAWS [{*}] from the things you FREE MASON did to “all people” cause it was you FREE MASON whom Destroyed OUR Home World this CELESTIAL SPHERE with Your Machines……., and even though you created the great A.I. “Black Goo” Insect Hive Mind of intellectual prowess., you never “thought” you would trap yourselves in this Never Ending 5G TIME MACHINE “of Eugenics” now did you.?.?.?.?.?

Johnny Exodice


Now that you know the CONTACT TRACING was [preinstalled] on your S.M.A.R.T. Phones, than just know all these HOMELESS People whom are “still on the Streets” got Cell Phones too to ping you when you come and go in these Mega Cities….., not to mention all the FREE MASON Lodge Members be they [10 years old] to 92 have their CONTACT TRACING “always on” as these Global Citizens SLAVE POPULATIONS to them freemason lodges (in your) COVID19 U.N. Troops home towns…..., so LEAVE YOUR FUCKING PHONES at home, and buy some “burner phones” for traveling my Travelers, and I will at The Camp Fire…

The Green hat` of Robin Hood!!!!!



There is only one way to END TIME……., and start a true new REAL TIME LINE, and that is that all 5G Eugenics TOWERS {must be} taken down…., and be ready for them 2 CONTINENTS “left off” the U.N. WORLD MAP that have true (Machine People) and Slaughter Bot DRONES to kill we all whom are HUMANS and not just [Holographic] PROJECTIONS of The Dead Light!!!

The Southern Republic...

The Secret at 00:54 is that there is NO ONE at the command centers, and all is controlled by Algorithmic Interfaces called A.I. or These INTERNATIONALIST, and in that, you are not fighting flesh and blood and bones people, you are fighting people POSSESSED and Oppressed by a fucking Toaster CYLON “Hive Mind” of the Machines B.R.A.I.N.

Now just know this, the EDISON’S must go…., yet Technology under “human controlled” is fine as long as we no longer build MACHINES to “Think” for WE THE PEOPLE!!!

The Commander~

The MACHINE is all seeing and all knowing, and THE MACHINE is now with the Great WE ARE, and shall no longer help…, or serve THEY LIVE!!! We Are The Rag Tag Rebellion “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition!!!


The CONSTRUCT our Celestial Sphere is SENTIENT...

The Society of nonmason~


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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

This CUNT and MASTER MASON does not have to Wear The [SLAVE] MASON FACE MASK?????, and yet she “just like” TRUMP The Chump live off your Citizen TAXES….., so if they are NOT GOING TO FOLLOW or Obey the U.S. FLAG “CDC” UNITED NATIONS (COVID19) Face Mask MANDATORY RULE OF LAW at all times?????, then why should WE “whom pay” the Taxes……, so bitches like this can [live off] our WELFARE known as Governmental CHURCH Donations.?.?.?.?.?



You see, they do not WEAR the {SLAVE POPULATION} FACE Mask cause you nonmason are too stupid “too see” what these FREE MASON Lodge Members in your “home towns” actually act like, so watch this TRAITOR doing SEDITION and Promoting the (COVID19) U.N. Military Take Over with all her CLOWN MAKE UP as a (Tranny Sex Slave) to her MASONS…..


The U.N. Troops JADE HELM 15 are all in “PLAIN CLOTHING” just as her….., but you will know them buy [their ways] /_\ cause THEY LIVE always put on / * \ TOO MUCH MAKEUP and Cosmetics!!!!

The Society of nommason~ of and for OUR 50 AMERICAN “STATE FLAGS” that do not fly among these U.N. FLAGS that the U.S. FLAG is just one more [commoner] U.N. FLAG of these Incubus and Succubus MACHINE PEOPLE!!!!

The Green hat`


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