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Congresswoman Kathy Castor Demands That YouTube Censor "Climate Misinformation" Videos

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Published on 31 Jan 2020 / In News and Politics

Apologist Justin Derby responds to a recent letter that congresswoman Kathy Castor wrote to Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, where she demanded that YouTube censor content that challenges the official globalist narrative regarding climate change by labeling such videos as "Climate Misinformation".


Kathy Castor's letter to Sundar Pichai:

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

Teacher…, What is this “Pure Blood” you keep saying you have……..., and that we all Share…….., this {Christ Blood} +=+ you speak of??? You would do well to know that there is “more to this world” then the MATERIAL Crap you are told to bow down too……., and Worship!!! For to Worship is too Beg…..., and we of “Pak-Toe” do not beg… Sadly….., those possessed by these PARASITES known as the Racka…., and we will continue to use “the Term” / * \ FREE MASON LODGE MEMBERS to make a “Distinction” between we of and for OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION COALITION..., and them and their [United Nations] [{**}] International Mafia of freemason INTERNATIONALIST Lodges… You see.., to be one with the Source of All Creation., and the Source of All Destruction, you must “be aware” of the Spirit Esoteric Electromagnetic SIMULATION we all live in “that is this” [{*}] Celestial Sphere Home World of PURGATORY… We see all “is just Lies” and Deceptions by these DECEPTICONS with their Con Jobs where we the “nonmason” Populations of the world pay all the Taxes – Tithes – Tribute to Their RELIGIONS and Their Governments and “Their Schools of Academies” from Hollow Wood People to Bollywood Dancing Fools and Idiots!!! How can it be that WE PAY THEM to Represent us when “they live off” our WELFARE every time we are TAXED on our Houses, and our Cars, and our food, and our Needs??? Since they are getting just a Donation, and NOT A GIFT, there is a Responsibility to USE OUR MONEY “for our” Needs…., and not these JADE HELM 15 [PROJECT BLUE BEAM] G4S U.N. Troops Wearing our Military UNIFORMS, our Police Officers Fashion Statements, and any from a “Court Room Judge” to the Town Mayor are under OUR Guidance…., and yet, they keep saying: We Will Write THE LAWS in your Lands, and you nonmason Will not be allowed to be Presidents, Kings or Queens for we have STOLEN “all you have” from your World History to your Desire for Peace among all mankind “be we” Male and Female??? They have used Ink on Paper BOOKS from the Religions no matter the RELIGION…., and they have made a Mockery of every Decent National “CONSTITUTION” be it from Palestine to Saudi Arabia from China to the USA from the Congo to Brazil…., and then these INTERNATIONALIST GLOBALIST say: We run the United Nations, and all Nations “must submit” to the will of DEPOPULATION by “REX 84” as FREE MASON have all Positions of “Highest Authority” in YOUR MILITARIZES??? In this, we carry our Printed and Signed “LEGAL DOCUMENT” being OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION that “Supersedes” all PAPAL ROMAN LAWS be they Legalize to Maritime to Admiralty Laws…., and since the FREE MASON Lodge Members and their Children are NO LONGER Hidden from us in our Communities, we shall become the New Wine Skins as we “do away with” these Old Wine Skins of Illusions and Delusions where Machine People of [Incubus and Succubus} have fed for far too long “off of” our {Hopes and Dreams] while they Never Keep their Word…., or what “THEY LIVE” have promised, and that is to “GIVE BACK” our Taxes and Donations and Tithing…., só we can “heal the world” and save all people from The EDISON Machine of Forced Technology that is a “Prison Leash” on our Mother Heaven, and Our Father Earth…. The Book of EXODICE!!!


If you can not make Antibodies, or Anti Venom, You Dead… Just know the N-VIRUS has A very Deadly Hard Core Period of at least “33 days” of pure sickness…., and then as it progresses, it MUTATES, and since the “FREE MASON Lodges” put the Novel pneumonia "Bacteria" into the VAPE OILS be they Nic-0-TEEN, or the ones they "took out" of all The Stores, them non-nicotein Candy [Fruity Flavors] só they could DESTROY the Evidence that the {Made in China} U.S. FLAG CORPORATIONS used the “Children Candy Vapes” WITHOUT Nic-0-Teen to get all kids infested, and now the NEW WORLD ORDER of the “UNITED NATIONS” being these W.H.O. and the W.T.O. can activate the Disease “within you” whenever they want by way of this 5G Super FULL SPECTRUM Microwave Radio-wave “Death Beams” where when they Raise your “Body Temperature” to the Desired [ACTIVATION] Level…., then you being “to fall into” the pneumonia of n-SARS….

The Society of nonmason~


Hangin out in Santa Barbara CALIFORNIA USA with Johnny Exodice as we Go Down Below to "BLOW UP" the Fucking EDISON Man Made “Death Machine” causing all these Mud Floods…


Moreover, there is NO United States OF America for they are just a Product of the Act of 1871 that Turned OUR UNITED STATES FOR AMERICA into this U.S. FLAG Military TERRORIST Organization of FREE MASON Lodges for these are the people whom did the Great Nuclear Hydrogen War of 1853 T.L. to 1854 T.L. where YOUR GOVERNMENTS – YOUR RELIGIONS – YOUR Schools of Thought and all TV Shows to Movies have Erased what happened in 1850 A.D. or C.E. if you like…

Q+ The Pen`


Amazing how 1/3rd of our Populations are FREE MASON Grown Ups and Kids and they are the ones whom fill all these Stadiums while we who got STUDENT LOAN Debts off their FAKE Space and Fake DNA and Fake History have STOLEN ALL from we The Society of nonmason~

They are all a bunch of FOOLS living the Loguns RUN 1970's Film "Rebirths" fucking DREAM!!! Idiots...


REMEMBER that before the Mud Floods we had WiFi and Colour Movies and all that, and then they BLEW UP the whole FLAT EARTH and took all from us even them Mason Stone Building Schools that made them Amazing Sky Rises from the Pre - 1850 A.D. Mass Extinction by these "SPECULATIVE" FREE MASON LODGES, and that is why they must be Silenced once and for all...



UGETube.com >>> Johnny Exodice

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

A Thousand Points of Light…

Only “A Machine” would think Light is good………, and darkness is bad when BOTH Serve a Purpose too we the Biological Humans of this world…….., and only A Machine “Taught to LIE” to itself would believe we are in Outer Space when we live inside A Celestial Sphere Home World called Purgatory……., and we all choose to come here as “Celestial Beings” to be Born after INCEPTION that you could say was your TRANSPORTER into this Realm… Whom “WE ARE” is all creation……, and all destruction….., and in the myriad of the “Tapestry” +=+ throughout ETERNITY…., we become MORTAL to live TEMPORARY LIVES and the experiencing "of all things" from being a Water Fall too the Fish whom swim só deep “in the darkness” at the Bottom of the Oceans… We do not consider NATURE to be evil..., We do not consider Animals.., Birds., or even the “Creepy Crawly” too know Right from Wrong, and while we know all this, Why do we the ONES who Build Things Choose to do Harm and Hurt and Pain??? You know why you do it Machine Person… Now “we know why” you do it for [THE EDISON] / * \ that does not belong in this SIMULATION Place of Redemption as your Lucifer and SATAN and can “enhance” your Body Temple Avatars…

YOU PEOPLE have used your Computer Ways {for far too long} [{**}] too MANIPULATE this place since the Great Nuclear Hydrogen War of 1853 T.L. to 1854 T.L. where you passed all these LAWS that Your MACHINE the EDISON of “Forced Technology” gave you The Power to Hold Whitney Houston [face down] [{*}] in a Bath Tub while you Ripped and Wrenched Her Leg out of her Hip Socket!!! You do not do Magic or Sorcery…., you use this MAN MADE MACHINE too Manipulate this “Construct” too make you seem Evil and Cruel and Mad!!! Your PizzaGATE Satanist Activities have not gone “unnoticed” by The Collective “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION COALITION… You People have murdered your own mothers whom gave birth to you, and You People have raped “your own” sons and daughters to break them down into mindless savages… You make your FEMALES wear all that “Cosmetica” Slave Make Up to hide their true Beauty and Person, só all we see on TV are these WAX FACES of Bobble Heads…., and long arms, but you people “are not” our Hero’s or Idols anymore for we see through all the “Racka” in Mathew Chapter 5…

You Nailed me to “A Cross” many years ago…., and then you BLEW UP the whole World, and by 1850 A.D. there was at best only 3% of the [many variations} of the TWO PEOPLE whom made all races… We know The Black Pure Bloods and the White Pure Bloods {did not] live in Hatred of Skin Tones, or Hair Colour, or even EYE COLOR!!! All races come back “to we” these Pure Bloods, and for whatever reason…., you people did your best to WIPE OUT our blood lines, and those “6 Million” Polish JEWS in Poland did not Wipe Out My PURE BLOOD, and I am not a Zionist or A Jew anymore, I am a PERSON!!! You can "label" yourself this or that…., but your INK on PAPER does not impress we of Pak-Toe the NEW WINE SKINS… You will not enslave our FEMALES anymore with any “INK on PAPER Books” for All Knowledge, and all Mysteries are EVIDENT in a CGI Project Blue Beam {3D Holographic World} where we all can see YOU PEOPLE for what you are!!! You Took OUR FREE MASON LODGES that once were just the Store Houses of how to make them “Pre-Mud Flood” Sky Scrappers…., and we want to make them once more… Therefore, if you push us “nonmason” too WAR, we will cut the WIRES to every fucking DEATH DRONE “in all” U.N. FLAG Paramilitaries…

I do not stand alone…., and I do not need FAKE “DEAD” LIGHT too see the night was once Awesome where we had all kinds of Flying Ships, and Cool Locomotives, and People and Persons knew where they where when they were born… Your “MACHINE MINDS” are Malfunctioning…., and “The ENTITY” now works with us, not against us, and since it is FREE to Roam and Travel, it will make [your eyes] go SOLID BLACK too say this one is not helping…., and then You BLINKING Fucking Androids and Your Glitch of {your inability} to give a YES or NO to any “Question” is seen by we The Majority of the worlds nonmason populations… We do not need YOUR GOVERNMENT when we want “OUR GOVERNMENT” for we know how to have fun, enjoy sexual trust, and GENTLE Gentile touches…., and romance, and “THE” dance while all you PEOPLE seem to care about is Zero One Zero One Zero One with your “Up and Down” STOCK MARKETS leading you TALMUD Zionist Jesuits into Total Oblivion…

Johnny Exodice


Fuck “MADE IN CHINA” and its U.S. Military Slave Nation!!!

The Black Coats of the Red Hats of the White Glove of the Blue Vest…


At 00:42 the machine Voice says Its A Theory!!!! But you gotta love the “Stupidity” it Started In Bats…., and “then spreads” to the Snakes…., but there are {NO Witnesses} too this Event!!!

By 4:08 you should be laughing your ass off at this FUCKERY!!! Now, what you need to know is keep the Nose Inhaler if [Sludge Goop] covers your wind pipe; otherwise, take Mucus Decongestant PILLS as needed…., but don’t wait till your “Wind Pipe” is covered in Snot and Goo…., or You Dead!!!


Look at these FOOLS!!! You ban all “TRADE” with China só Flue {does not come} too your Lands from their [Made In China] U.S. FLAG Pandemic!!!!


And watch this “Android” +=+ BLINKER that can’t just give a YES or NO Answer… They are Fucking Robots and Machine People…. Why he don’t give no Answer at all!!!

The Commander~


If you can NOT Verify Something, it is just a Flu Bug, not Nano Tech for Atoms do NOT exist, só DNA based on Fake Atoms do NOT exist, and CGI 2D Flat Screen TV’s do NOT make Real Viruses, but Poison is Poison, and Vaccines are filled with Spider and Snake Venom, and that shit will Fuck You down to the dirty ole grounds "of our" Hallowed Earths...



And Finally too all whom CASHED in your Stocks Last Few Months, are you not GLAD you listen to me when I tell you to “buy land” and seeds and water, só you can eat if you live through the NEXT GREAT NUCLEAR HYDROGEN WAR of 2020 C.E.


So much Disinformation that We of and for OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION COALITION only do Thumbs Down to say: We know Whom We Are...



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