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Comparing Different Grades of Pyrodex (TIS176)

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Published on 19 Jan 2019 / In Firearms

In this episode, the Idahoan compares the muzzle velocity of bullets fired from a muzzle loader using the three commonly available types of Pyrodex.

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50 RD
50 RD 3 months ago

If you have a accurate shooting muzzleloader,.... don't use pyrodex,... black powder is the best.
Yeah Black Powder can be hard to find,... sometimes.
Pyrodex dose not have consistent accuracy in rifles,...groups the size of a 5 gallon bucket at 50 yards.
Watch some video's,... black powder substitute's stick to the bore and don't come out.
So they are better used in inline muzzle loaders that can be taken apart for cleaning.
A black powder shotgun can shoot any crappy powder and still get the game.
You have to read the manufacturers specified cleaning procedure's.
If you don't do it right,..it sticks to the bore and starts rusting.
Triple 7 works well.
Pyrodex has various velocities and has a shelf life,... use it or loose it. Shot guns love all powders.
See what the standard velocity variation is in black powder.

All I know is pyrodex R/S at 50 yards nets 5 gallon bucket sized group's, and Black powder can shoot clover leafs.
I usually shoot 75 to 100 yards,.. depending on weather I'm shooting ball's or bullet's.
Test your guns a hunting ranges.
What type of primers are you using. and what kind of lubricant.

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