Company Delivering the Best Budget Knives in 2018 - Under $50

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Published on 31 Dec 2018 / In Film and Animation

PLEASE do this Survey - click on the link to answer: How much does a "budget" folding knife cost?
Please put this link on your social media too, the more responses I get the better information I will have.

I just realized I don't have a review of my FAVORITE Knife of 2018!!!
I will do one for the Ruike FANG before the end of the year.

Get your Sanrenmu knives at KNIVES SPOT affiliate link - please use and SHARE this link too:
EDIT: Their target customer is from North America and Europe. They drop ship directly from the factory in China to your home. END OF EDIT. You will be getting great prices and helping me out at the same time. Also, there are at least 6 different EXCLUSIVE Sanrenmu knives on their website.

My favorite budget knife for 2018? Ruike FANG

Tell them Jake from CCE sent you or you can get it on Amazon
CANADA - ($62.49 CAD)

SANRENMU Knives and RUIKE Knives on AMAZON (I do get a commission from these Amazon links)

Sanrenmu -
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Sanrenmu -
Ruike -

Sanrenmu -

Sanrenmu -

The UNITED KINGDOM and other countries don't have much for Ruike or Sanremu knives on their Amazon sites

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