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Coming 1/10/20: PowerA Stealth Case for Nintendo Switch - The Witcher 3

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Published on 17 Nov 2019 / In People and Blogs

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Now buying PowerA Stealth Case for Nintendo Switch - The Witcher 3 is easy.

PowerA Stealth Case for Nintendo Switch - The Witcher 3
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Ebay: https://ebay.to/32MamYM

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

When Mother Earth turns out to be Father Earth instead

We have walked {a long road} +=+ my people of Pak-Toe......., and though the Racka [wants us dead] / * \ and gone......, they do not have } to wipe out the Holy Water Spirit of our Celestial Sphere 13 months with 28 days where 4 weeks {was all we ever needed} to be born The Person whom we now see....., and be... To know we live in a Construct [that is as massive] as the Sky!!! To know the Grounds {beneath our Feet} are hollowed out...., and lead to the other side of FLAT EARTH..., to know The EDISON that Machine {does not belong} on our PURGATORY place where this side with Biologics is Called Heaven..., and the Other Side of the World is called Hell or Hades or just [The World of The Dead] where Synthetics run this whole SIMULATION even in our Dreams {when we rest} [{**}] our Bodies from this Waking Dance of Horrors.., and Romance!!!

To know the FREE MASON INTERNATIONALIST {have pulled off} JADE HELM 15 - REX 84 and Agenda 21 + 30 of the United Nations International Mafia where we [nonmason populations] of the world are to bow down to FREE MASON Preachers of Fake and False Gods., to Teachers and Professors teaching FAKE Space and Fake Atoms and FAKE DNA as a Fact, to all these POLITICAL CLASS in their {$10,000.00 Suits and Ties} and Clean Shaven Face!!! Where they are always shown to we [Romantic Warriors] [{*}] as The Heroes of WAR cause they Bombed our moms and dads, they shot our sons and daughters, they {raped our} husbands and wives, and too this very moment these FREE MASON Lodges OPPRESS all our nonmason Brothers and Sisters with them Colours of [Satanic Sorcery] known as Red - Obey!!! White - Comply!!! and that Certain Shade of BLUE that means Submit cause WE OWN YOU nonmason... To the Purple and White that enchant {us nonmason} to say: TAKE YOUR PILLS, and the Uniforms, and the ENFORCERS, and these FREE MASON C.O.P.S. where [Cursed Objects} known as Statues Are placed on our CAPITAL Buildings where our {National Flag] should be for all to see in OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION!!!

Oh to be certain, we know these Masonic Temples are a Religion of HATE...., and they hate we the NONMASON Populations {no matter our race} or religions or creeds, and they run the courts, and the banks, and the Governments [of every land] where a Debt is a Debt and yet, they pay no taxes, they pay no tithes, and they pay no Tribute...., but we the nonmason people {must pay these things} to their U.S. FLAG of Made In China that Red Dragon from [The Book of Revelation] where the Merchant Ships are the Whores of Babylon with their Stocks and Bonds, and all {that has} gone wrong... No money for you, but pay your credit cards off!!! No help for you, but pay back your Student Loan Debt!!! No jobs for you cause SELF CHECK OUT and Automation is the name of the game, so sit in a County Jail [or a State Prison] owned by G4S Academi U.N. Troops as we THE FREE MASON Lodges in your Home Towns {tell you nonmason} all you will do!!! Cause we FREE MASON are The School Boards, The City Counsels, The Mayors, The Governors, and all the rest, and you will NOT put your State Flags on your nonmason [Public Paid] Police Officers, or your National Militias {known as} the Coast and National Guard...

You are a beaten people, and your judges [must commit to] FREE MASON Rule over all nonmason.... You are taxed beyond your means, but only FREE MASON Kids {get jobs that teach} Fake History - Fake People - Fake Fake Fakes for we [The Illuminated] FREE MASON are The Pretenders among you...., and you nonmason are nothing but fools!!! You believe {all we show you} on them 2D FLAT TV Screens, you bow down [to our] Doctors and Practitioners cause we got more ink on paper in 2D FLAT Window Frames...., and you nonmason {are too cowardly} to say: I have rights!!! I was born just as you!!! I am a man, I am a Female, I am a Womb-man, and even though the WOMB gives birth to us all..., these FREE MASON say: Have an Abortion, take this Hypodermic Needle into {your Blood Streams} and take these Medications...., so your nonmason Children {will ALL be born} deaf, and blind, and dumb....

Johnny Exodice

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