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Clownshow Continues - Schumer Called out for Threats to SUPREME COURT!

Dustin Nemos
Dustin Nemos - 102 Views
Published on 05 Mar 2020 / In News and Politics

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 7 months ago

A lifetime of FEAR….. For Nothing!!!

You know whom I am, You’m know where I am, and in all this, these FREE MASON INTERNATIONALIST from Trump the Chump to the Pope on Dope, THEY LIVE “did not” murder me last night??? Could it be “they” have NO POWER except what we the people “allow them” to get away with……..., and that this EDISON Machine [is not] +=+ a GOLEM??? As I have taught you…….., VERIFY……., do not trust…..., and once {you know} / * \ the TRUTH….., then kill them that oppress you!!!! You see…., the Machine has nothing to do with “Demons or Devils” from Goblins to Ghouls to Gargoyles to Angels with Wings!!!! Those “things” are all in your IMAGINATIONS from being raised on the 2D FLAT SCREENS of “moving photos” [{**}] since our parents these INCUBATOR Babies from 1893 T.L. gave birth “too we all” be we the Black Man with “Blue Eyes” too THE “White Man” with Brown Eyes!!! Therefore..., since not even this NEW WORLD ORDER “could not” kill.., or murder me in just under 3 hours., then why do you kill “one another” for any WORLD Government [of these] UNITED NATIONS???

I Have taught you that we are all Born into the Future, and “in that” no one chooses their BLOOD LINES…. Moreover, I do tell you to COVER “your mirrors” while you sleep, so you do not have Night Mares or Night Terrors, and I have “shown you” that if a Magician or Sorcerer can WALK ON WATER then they can heal the sick, restore sight to the blind, and even “allow people” in Wheelchairs to WALK once again…., but what “do you do” my PEOPLE of this Celestial Sphere HOLOGRAPHIC Life where Purgatory will be PURGATORY??? You Worship “other” People of FLESH and BLOOD and BONES cause they can put a Ball in a Basket…., but they can not “feed your poor” with them Kobe Burgers??? Than You my people are THE RACKA “whom are” the Forsaken, you are the Dammed, and you are the Cursed whom have “never” taken a person off the Street as Jesus Christ did` for HE WAS the Good Samaritan!!! You gave all “your money” and your wealth to RELIGIONS whom say: Bow Down to YOUR GOVERNMENT cause G.O.D. and S.A.T.A.N. made the kings and the queens of this world………

It does not matter if I die now……..., or whom “chooses” to kill me for you play Video Games while People “starve” on the streets where you live!!! You say: It is not my concern?……., they “deserve” to starve to death and “die of thirst” as you put LAWS to put “locks” on the Water Faucets from FLORIDA USA to “NEVADA” U.S. ……. These People on the Streets are your Fellow “CONSTITUTIONAL CITIZENS” be they male and female regardless of age… You throw away “your youth” into Juvenile Cages…..., and do not tell me OFFICER OF THE LAW that you do not Lock them Doors and forget “we are” your sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, grand pa and grand ma while “you think” these FREE MASON Lodges do the RULE OF LAW as just!!! You’m whom make “these” RULE OF LAW are the worst of mankind “be you” male and female for you do not ASK {why is this so} +=+ from war to murder too rape???? In the Dawning of a New Morning every day you do “the same” dammed thing to “we the people” when you too are WE THE PEOPLE!!! You beat us….., you shoot us…., and “you kill” we your own Mankind…, and Do “tell me” FREE MASON…., how this “gets you” into heaven and not hell when “you die” and are REBORN here???

I have walked your streets..., and you THE PEOPLE “do nothing” for THE PEOPLE whom are your Fellow “Citizens” be they a male, or a female, or even a Human Child??? You say: I pay Taxes!!! I give Give TO “THE RELIGION” OF MY LAND!!! and yes….., you give TRIBUTE “too” WAR HEROES whom kill people “just like” you and me????? With all your Hollywood to Bollywood Movies.., you still preach and teach the Lies and Deception “of this” fake ass COVID 19 Bat Snake Kobe Burger BALLS {IN A BASKET} BULL SHIT LIFE!!!!! Do not “pretend” too know the mind of God., or even The Goddesses “for you” do nothing “for them” and we whom sleep on the streets……., nor do you take we the PEOPLE “into” your homes, and your beds, and say REST “be you” POOR or RICH!!!! I have no time for SALVATION for` did I not say: What “you do” to the Least of these….., YOU do to me your Mohammad, your Buddha, Your G.O.D., and in ALL that….., it will “not be me” whom condemns your Soul – Person – Spirits to HELL., and HADES.., and The World of the Dead..., it will be your own damn “personal” choices… I was JUST following ORDERS Sir??? FUCK YOU!!!!!

Johnny Exodice

You have “too cry” and they can not be Crocodile Tears….

Buddah~ Lucifer` Jesus~

The Trinity…

If everyone would just STOP Working……., we can all “go home” and play with our kids and moma’s and daddy’s from the YOUNG “too we” The Very Old in Soul….

PURGATORY WILL BE PURGATORY....., but “what of” our children, and their Children’s Children????



The Commander~
The Society of nonmason~
The Repentant!!!



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