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closing comments on Dan Sullivan for Arkansas Senate announcement

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Published on 24 May 2019 / In News and Politics

Representative Sullivan is running against the Chamber of Commerce, Deep State, Establishment RINO wing of the Republican Party that has increased the size of government among other things.\
A bill to ban scam special election tax increases was never even heard thanks to what some call The Marble Palace.
Several school choice bills and Julie Mayberry's bill fund highways without tax increases were also blocked despite a Republican Supermajority.

A Stand your ground law died in committee thanks to John Cooper. Senator Cooper also was a vote against a bill that allowed the Bible to be an elective course in public school, an option that was allowed for over a century in the USA before secular judicial activism
Senator Cooper supported SB411, a bill that gave in state tuition for illegal aliens, while Sullivan voted against the bill in the House. Political pressure from activists forced the bill to be amended but SB411 still gives in state tuition for DACA illegal aliens

Senator John Cooper won his Senate race years ago on the promise that he would be the vote to defund Arkansas Obamacare Medicaid Expansion, which was then named the Private Option.
The Private Option. Cooper failed to join other legislators in blocking the funding for the corrupt system that has wasted millions in fraud from bad software to out of state folks on the medical plan.

below are some important links.

Dan Sullivan announcing for Arkansas Senate District 21, #Jonesboro and #CraigheadCounty area.



Jan Morgan livestream of the Dan Sullivan announcement

Arkansas House Representative Dan Sullivan's House page with bills sponsored and cosponsored

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HUGE announcement!!!!
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