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Closed Communities Have Risen Up To Preach The Gospel In China

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Published on 13 Feb 2020 / In Film and Animation


Unexpectedly, after one city ’s closed community was announced yesterday, more members actively participated in the gospel ministry. Previously felt owed to the limbs that did not go out to wear masks, and took part in launching masks to evangelize the residents of the residential area. All of a sudden, the work of helping the community, community, medical station, and property began to rise. Everyone makes every day, and they know the suffering and needs of the people at the bottom of society. The distribution of protective products to sanitation workers and supermarket salesmen has also gradually increased their ministry efforts. The closed community did not shut down the willing heart, and God immediately opened his way and comforted him. Buses and subways have long been out of service. No permits were allowed yesterday, and motor vehicles were not allowed on the street. The brother got two city passes, and the two cars were able to transport supplies to various points. The whole plague environment seems to be tailored for us to preach the gospel. Everyone believes that there is no better place than in faith.

Two days, more than 20,000 disposable masks and hundreds of n95 and other protective products were issued. For the past ten years, this ministry has adhered to the ant move-style evangelism method for everyone to go out. The encounter with this disaster helped the people play a key role. So many masks and protective products are not given all at once, but they are basically sent out to the people. This approach is gradually having a disruptive effect on millions of people. This is the most effective way to seize the society to produce "loose soil" for the people. Ten years of hope, through the plague environment to produce profound results. The maturity of the group was completed, and the preparatory work for the evangelization and construction was completed for the restoration after the disaster. Everyone knows that the tent must expand rapidly after the disaster.

The time of the plague is precious, so co-workers step up distribution and encourage more limbs to participate. I also thought that evangelism in ten years had never been as stretched and calm as it is today. God scared the hard heart through the plague, lonely the sinful heart by closing the city, and the despair of the proud heart by closing the community. This is a rare opportunity to evangelize. Without the feast, the hustle and bustle, the opportunities for the crimes of the past. When Wuhan is full of unknown dangers in silence, Christian peace is particularly contagious in this environment. The plague makes people feel defeated and helpless, but it makes people who are touched by the gospel really like a fish.

There were almost no vehicles on the road, and there were long lines quietly in front of the supermarket. Every window in the community was filled with desperate people waiting to die. The love of Christ flows between the dead-like streets and the tombstone-like buildings, and the city becomes an unreachable place for the free spread of the gospel.

God sealed a city in front of the messenger of the gospel, bound its desire and freedom, and led a group of people who followed Christ to move quickly. As if Israel were facing Jericho, as if Joshua attacked the land of Canaan. He is fighting ahead, and we only need to obey the willing heart in His will. The "siege" of Wuhan will collapse in an instant, and the flood of the gospel will hit the sinful heart, and he will have many souls.

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