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Classic TV - V The Mini Series, The Final Battle & The Series

Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice - 58 Views
Published on 31 Mar 2020 / In Film and Animation

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Music from https://filmmusic.io
"Wizardtorium" by Kevin MacLeod (https://incompetech.com)
License: CC BY (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/b...)

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

Commander…, where is the RESISTANCE and why does “not no one” fight back??? How about we do a Test……..., and I will put it on my “Arc Angels” ODDTV and Richie From Boston to start using the Words Traitors…….., High Treason……., and Sedition…..., and they do not have to “say anything” about FREE MASON Lodge members as we of Pak-Toe “know” [{**}] the FREE MASON are all in on this WORLD DOMINATION PLOT [as lower level] degree FREE MASON Lodge members / * \whom are “bottom feeders” in THIS SYSTEM and THIS ESTABLISHMENT {known as} +=+ the NEW WORLD ORDER of Machine People is called….., and these FREE MASON Have no FREE WILL…., or the right to even “think for themselves” [{*}] for they are SLAVES to the Pyramid Scheme of “COVID 19” where it is more important to them to uphold “the lies” of FAKE SPACE – FAKE DNA – Fake History even when we nonmason “have the opportunity” to STOP the MUD FLOOD Reset for do we not have “A Male Oracle” for the End of this Age…, and TIME LINE.., and not a Female One like the Oracle of Delphi??? Do not tell me Trump the Chump to “Pence on The Fence” don’t know the magnitude of AN ORACLE., and to have one be chosen “before birth” by THEIR God and that means the God of the VATICAN ROMAN “CATHOLICS” and their TALMUD ZIONIST JESUIT “Fake Jews” of the Book of Revelation have knowledge in all them books “they took out” of the Holy Bible!!! I have read the Teachers works all my life, and he did create THE BOOK OF NONMASON, and THE BOOK OF PUZZLES, and when you ponder the Legal “Mitigation” he brings too reproach our World Leaders….., are you telling me that the CORBERT REPORT “still denies” FLAT EARTH Information cause he is just “one more” FREE MASON SLAVE as is Alex Jones??? Where are those on the TV SCREEN Be it Websites to CNN – FOX – ABC – NBC – CBS saying: WE KNOW THE LAW.?.?.?.?.?, and we know the CONSTITUTION “of our” Nations, and Countries, and this ACT OF 1871 “District of Columbia” is an illegal Government??? How many in our POPULATION Tell so much truth……., but will not explain what the word “Sedition” means, or the why Trump and Pence and the Generals to your “Town Mayor” and Judges are all “guilty of it” let alone your City Counsels, hospitals, School Boards, National Guards, Coast Guards where they are TRAITORS to your States Nation's “Constitutions and Flags” and Boarders??? And it is not just these 50 STATES FOR AMERICA that are “cowards” and cowardly……..., look at the E.U. Nations to the Middle East Nations to the African and South American Nations??? NOT ONE LEADER “will challenge” the UNITED NATIONS International “Marines Mafia” ARMY – NAVY – Air Force known as the U.S. ACT OF 1871 District of Columbia??????? They are “all in on it” from the Towns Bars to the Towns Coffee Shops from Syria to North Korea to even good ole hated BOOK OF DANIEL “The Persian Empire” known as IRAN and ISRAEL!!! Therefore, you wonder why “no one” puts a STOP to this WORLD DOMINATION PLOT of the C.F.R. W.H.O. CIA FBI NSA and what ever your Secret Societies “are called” in your lands??? They are not REAL… If you can say SEDITION, High Treason, and post them in your “Face Book Post” to WeChat to Your Youtube Blips…., then YOU ARE REAL……..; otherwise, you are “just a part of” this SIMULATION known as our Home World of PURGATORY, and “you refuse” too call the kettle black cause “you care” more about your TEMPORARY Flesh and Blood and Bones Life, then your IMMORTAL SOUL – PERSON – SYMBIOT… You my friend “are trapped” in LOGUNS RUN “for all time” destined to REPEAT YOUR LIFE OVER AND OVER “FOR ALL TIME” Cause you can not “say the words” SEDITION and High Treason about your “local police” and even Presidents, Kings, and Queens of your Nations… WE put THUMBS DOWN “to everything” on YouTUBE to show WE ARE REAL!!!!! The Commander~






At 7:22 “THEY LIVE” are not making VENTILATORS for you know “your hospitals” are EMPTY!!! They are making Weapons to come kill you all “my nonmason” Americans!!!!


5G is not the attack, but they are ADDING MORE WIRES TO YOUR {POWER POLES} while everyone is under [MARTIAL LAW] +=+ LOCK DOWN…..., so you best get “out of your house” and go ask them “U.N. TROOPS” in your Local Power Lines Companies WHY ARE YOU ADDING More “Power Poles” and extending the POWER LINES when there are “no new houses” in our locations????????

The Society of nonmason~


END OF THE WORLD UPDATES at mewe.com and UGETube.com >>> Johnny Exodice

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